Unleashing The Power Of The Mind: Talking BrainTap With Dr. Patrick Porter

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The human mind and its perception of reality can shape the world. With the right approach, we can unleash that power. In this episode, Oma discusses mindfulness with the creator of BrainTap, Dr. Patrick Porter. Dr. Porter talks about unleashing the power of the mind and what you can do to achieve that. Tune in and learn more about mindfulness and the human spirit.

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Unleashing The Power Of The Mind: Talking BrainTap With Dr. Patrick Porter

Welcome to our episode. We have an exceptional guest. We’re going to BrainTap with Dr. Patrick Porter. Who is Dr. Patrick Porter? He’s an entrepreneur, the author of the bestselling book, Awaken the Genius: Mind Technology for the 21st Century, a speaker, a consultant, and the creator of BrainTap Technology, which uses technology to reformat how the mind works and thinks. Porter and his newest BrainTap Technology helps people tap into their mind’s full potential through light, sound and frequency. Help me welcome Dr. Patrick Porter.

Welcome, Dr. Porter, to the show. I am so deeply grateful that you are here sharing not just your wisdom but your pure knowledge with us. You’re a doctor in this mystical journey. You are a leading expert on mindfulness brain technology. I feel like you’re a mystic in disguise, service to others on the higher path. The entrepreneurs who are seeking the calling, the full potential, but you also cracked the code to success in that format of the mind. I read somewhere that you discovered your own secret skill to transform mindfulness at the age of twelve. Can you share a little bit with us and amplify this your mystical gifts with us? How did you ignite this superpower at such a young age?

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BrainTap: What you visualize, what you think about, you bring about.

I like to tell people I was blessed to be the son of an alcoholic. Some of our greatest breakthroughs come from some of our greatest challenges. If you’d asked me that when I was eleven, I would have told you, “No, I wasn’t grateful,” but my dad got help to learning technology-driven meditation using something called the Silver Method, and he taught us to do it. The only problem I had with it was I couldn’t listen to my dad’s voice because it drove me crazy. All I could hear was a lot of four-letter words that none of them were love. What he did was he sat down with me and said, “Patrick, let me help you script out a session for yourself.” I started listening to myself, which is when cassette players first came out.

For those who remember cassettes, there was an alarm clock that you could put whatever you wanted on the cassette to wake you up. I started to produce a new affirmation tape every month of everything I wanted to accomplish. Since then, I wouldn’t wake up to an alarm, which I have never had. I would wake up to my affirmations, and they would basically set my intention for the day because I would start focusing on the things in it.

It started out first with sports. I wanted to get better at baseball, hockey or whatever sport I was playing. I found out that that transformed me into a good student, which wasn’t my intention. I thought that school was stupid. You know how kids are. I went to a Catholic school, and I was in the special needs category because, in second grade, I got held back. I shouldn’t have excelled. By the time I was in eighth grade, I was an honor roll student. I was getting As and Bs.

When I went into high school, I got a scholarship and it was easy for me. It all started with an everyday practice of, I still do this to this very day, every morning I do a little meditation to set my intention for the day what’s going to happen. The day can get away from you if you say, “I’m going to put this off until I have time.” I always make time for that because I know that in my case, I didn’t want to do medicine. We were nine of us. We were supposed to go on Redlin and all sorts of things, but she decided to go the natural route.

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She also went to the health food store in town. We were very lucky that we were born in Battle Creek, Michigan. That’s where the first health food store in the United States was. We rerack all the stars aligned, and I was able to go down to a Seventh Day Adventist church, and they had all healthy foods. We started eating healthy foods, got rid of the sugar and the junk, started lifting weights and drinking protein.

I had an older brother, so I’m like a me-too. Whatever he did, I followed him and did the same thing. He was in high school, and I wasn’t. I started acting that way and found out that I was able to excel. I found out that basically what you think about you bring about, as they say now. At the time, I realized that my thinking was what the problem was. I had a very negative attitude before I started doing the meditation.

You admit that. This is pretty cool because most successful high-profile entrepreneurs won’t admit that kind of thing. I love that about it because you’re so truthful, compassionate, humble that you’re able to share those things that are so important because how many of us, not just entrepreneurs but aspiring entrepreneurs, feel that way? You have this ego that interferes with your greatness and divine blueprint. It’s incredible that you’re able to be so vulnerable around that. That’s also a key to share with other entrepreneurs. Thank you so much for sharing that.

You talk about meditation. There’s a myth around meditation. That’s only for the yogis, those gurus, or mystical people. There’s been a myth around that. It’s like, “You can only meditate if you’re enlightened or have to be on the spiritual path to meditate.” My question is, does meditation be a key device for success for entrepreneurs, no matter what their background is and where they come from?

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BrainTap: This unseen power is like electricity. It will help you light up whatever you’re doing in your life.

I think that the misconception is that there is a spiritual path. There’s only one path that happens to be spiritual. There’s no other path. Everyone’s going in the same direction. It might take you a lot longer to get there, but there’s only one way to go. When somebody says they’re more spiritual than somebody else’s, that’s no such thing. It’s like saying, “This water is whiter than this water.” It’s part of our nature.

When we talk about mystical experiences, once you start getting into these realms out of stress. Those mystical experiences and opportunities are there when you’re in stress states, but you’re not aware of them because you’re in a reactionary mode. Every book that I’ve read about and been fortunate enough to meet a lot of gurus and go to India and meet people, they’ll tell you that the hardest mystic is the one that’s in the world.

It’s easy to be a mystic on the mountain top. There’s nobody to disrupt and interfere with what you’re doing. It’s the mystic that can be in a boardroom, communicate, and breakthrough solutions. Every one of us knows there’s this higher power that if somebody comes to them with a problem, they create a solution. They’re using that mystical mindset. They’re going to the unseen to bring back something into the seen world. Everything’s there. I call it the quantum field. In quantum physics, we pop into this void or the gap, as some people call it, where everything exists as a probability. When you’re stressed out, you shut that door. You have to be in that fight or flight.

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You’re hanging on. That’s why so many entrepreneurs fail. They get locked into their stress instead of taking time to recover from that stress. It’s hard to be the bookkeeper, the garbage man, or the HR department, all of those things, and you have to be the product in a lot of cases. That’s when you have to realize that you have to take time for yourself. There’s a lot of ways to meditate and to get there.

We were looking for ways myself. I knew that I couldn’t do it the old-fashioned way. I’m not going to go sit on a mountain for 30 years. Although it sounds appealing now if I could do that, at the time, there’s no way you couldn’t get me to do that. My dad said, “Use these skills to improve your sports.” That’s what motivated me. Find out whatever you want to accomplish. It could be in business. People use a business mindset. You can meditate on whatever you want because this unseen power is like electricity. It doesn’t care if you put in a blow dryer or your TV. That power is plugged in, you use it in it, and it’ll help you light up whatever you’re doing in your life.

The unseen electricity is incredible words that speak to all of us that we can understand. You are the creator, the innovator of BrainTap. This is a global device now. It’s so powerful. We want to hear more. What is BrainTap Technology?

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Busting Loose From the Money Game: Mind-Blowing Strategies for Changing the Rules of a Game You Can’t Win

We took seven different technologies and put them into one device. All of these seven, whether it be light therapy, sound therapy, vibration, spoken words, all of these are good on their own, but when you put it together, it’s the synergy of all those things. We’d like to tell people it’s like making Alfredo. There are three ingredients only, but if you go to one Italian place, it tastes like one way, and you go to another, it’s another. You would want me to make your Alfredo.

It’s the way you mix those ingredients. We couldn’t have done this in the 1930s or something like that because they didn’t have the technology to measure. We’d be guessing and saying, “How do you feel?” That’s what disrupts a lot of people’s flow as far as getting into meditation because they think all I’m doing is sitting here breathing. You’re never just sitting here because your brain is processing information, converting sound, light and vibration to energy.

What are you spending your time on? We know if we can teach people to alter their states. BrainTap uses technology to mimic nature. These are things that we do all day long. I like to tell people in ancient times, if we were out and about hunting and gathering, and the sun started to go down, we immediately knew that we needed to get back to the cave, to our tribe or we could be dinner. As we go back there, the light from our sun tells our body to start producing more melatonin, which tells us to go to sleep.

We create more Gabba. All these neurochemicals happened because of the tuning of our light from our sun to our planet. We’re all connected, and all the time is converting into energy. What we wanted to find out in my research from a very early age was what’s happening to me because you would think in 10, 15, 20 minutes, by closing your eyes, experiencing flashing lights, what we call retinal flashing or lights in the ears and these different frequencies.

If they lay down for twenty minutes, most people are going to wake up tired, but you wake up energized because you’re taking somebody through a cycle of sleep. Sleep is our superpower, but most people don’t get enough of it. We are biologically designed to take naps in the afternoon, but most people don’t. Most people will go get a coffee, a tea or some stimulant at around 2:00 in the afternoon. Our bodies have a drop in temperature at that time.

It does because we’re resetting. Everything is cyclic in our body. It’s not just women that have cycles. Every person everything has a cycle. As we go through these cycles, we need to meditate. Virginia Hunt, who used to be at Cal Berkeley, was one of the early people I followed and was trained with. She was one of the first people to measure the energy fields around people. Science knows that we are sharing biophotons all the time. That’s why we’re speaking.

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They call it biophotons because it sounds better than aura. Every cell is communicating. We also know that those biophotons are communicating within us. There’s something called the dura or the fascia in the body. It’s like the fiber optics of the body. There’s even a lot of science out there. If anybody wants to look that up on YouTube or something, they can see it there. In the process, this information is transmitted.

When you’re around somebody, even when they say mystics, say when two or more together, there’s a third. What they’re saying is there’s an energy, an interference field. That field of energy is creating something. It’s nothing. When you’re sitting there relaxing, your brain is creating an interference field because you have these two hemispheres. It’s creating a pattern around you. This pattern can be seen by some people.

You always see the pictures of any mystic have a halo around them or a light around them. That’s because the more you can bring this energy through, the more light you project to other people, and people can feel that. Some people have it naturally, but we all have it. It’s not like a certain person has been imbued with it. They know about it.

When I went to India, there was one guru that I met with named Sai Baba. He’s very famous for saying, “The only difference between you and me is you think you’re God, and I know I’m God.” We have to get from thinking to knowing. That’s the biggest thing. Once we get to the knowing part, we can be that if you want to call it a mystic. There’s another book out there that I love that I think your readers would love to read.

It’s called Busting Loose From the Money Game. What he talks about there is we have the light from the sun. When somebody says, “I wish the sun would come out.” The reality is the sun is always out, but there are clouds that block the sun’s light. If we can get rid of their cloud cover, we get the light from the sun. That’s what we’re doing personally. We have all that light. We have to get rid of all that negative programming, outlooks and get rid of the cloud cover that clogs our mind and consciousness. We can then perceive other opportunities that exist for us.

My body goes through chills listening to you. I’ve seen you speak on many stages and in action. You do have this glow, and I see it. The first time I’ve met you, I was like, “He is magical.” You have that light and are able to transmit it through your device. You have this device, this headset if you will. It is the BrainTap headset. Is that what it does? Anybody can wear it and have this experience from the thinking to the knowledge by following your meditation, those words, and you included this light with it.

There’s something in physics called entrainment, and all of creation does this. It’s not what I did with BrainTap. There’s a person that tells a story about they had a honey farm. When they were on the honey farm, there was a certain noise that the machine would be making. A cricket would come in, and pretty soon, the cricket and the noise would synchronize. They started making this noise, and that got him into music therapy. That was his story.

They’ll start to have a song if you ever go outside and hear the crickets or different things because everything in nature is entrained. One of my favorite videos on YouTube is they have 200 metronomes and start them all at different times and synchronize. In physics, they don’t know why this happens in our reality, but everything vibrates and has an oscillating effect with one another. We have it with people. We meet somebody and go, “I’ve got a good vibe with that person or I don’t have a good vibe with them,” because we’re oscillating. We have a frequency. They have a frequency. If we have a mismatch, then we repel each other. If we like each other, we come together.

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Awaken the Genius: Mind Technology for the 21st Century

Part of this entrainment process happens when people are more open and more receptive. They’re tapping into more of the field. It’s there. It’s like that sunlight it’s there, but people who are shut down or a negative, the one thing about consciousness, it never makes you a liar. If you think forward when he said, “You think you can or you think you can’t,” you’re right because you get to open or shut the door of consciousness.

We had to go through this with BrainTap for years. In 1986, we invented the very first one. This was before cell phones, CDs, way before the internet was popular. It might’ve been out there somewhere, but people weren’t using it. We show up on the scene with this device, like from outer space. We go to the Consumer Electronics Show with it and we get voted the best item of the year. We were on the front cover of The Daily. The Consumer Electronics Show, at that time, was held in Chicago.

The Rolling Stones were playing behind us. They look like these seven people in the zero gravity chairs have passed out. The reality is that people were lined up to come there because even back then, there was a lot of stress. You go to these trade shows, and people are stressed out. They’re walking around all day. It’s a week-long event, and people were coming in there.

They had Playboy bunnies or Penthouse pets standing up. They used to call them Booth Buddies. They don’t do that anymore because that would be against the rules here. At that time, people were walking by them to experience our MC Square is what we call it. Einstein is one of my favorite characters in creation. He’s on the cover of one of my books called Awaken The Genius. I put a picture of Einstein coming through space because I think he was a wake-up call for people. He would do what he called thought experiments.

It was like Tesla that would do these thought experiments. They would design the things in their head, not physical space and time. It’s hard for the practical professor types to think, “I won’t believe that until I see it.” Now we know, like through quantum physics, that you don’t see it until you believe it. That’s what happens with experiments. Two people can be doing the same experiment, but the person who believes it’ll work, the experiment will work, and the person who doesn’t believe it’ll work doesn’t work.

They see that over and over again. Our belief or intention plays a role in our unfolding of reality, not reality itself. I think there’s an infinite number of realities. There was an old TV show called Sliders. I liken our reality to that. It’s like we wake up in the morning and slide to another reality or hopefully the one we want, although, in 2020, I feel like we slid into a different reality that I’m not sure what planet I’m on.

If we can get rid of all the negative programming and the cloud that clogs our mind and consciousness, we can perceive other opportunities that exist for us. Share on X

These things happen all the time. We want to be very vigilant about what we’re doing, but we’re always faced with challenges. I love the saying, “You never pray to God to get rid of your challenges. You pray for the strength to handle them. “Although I was brought up Catholic, I think of God as the Generator Of Dimensions, GOD. We can experience whatever we want. We have our perception of reality. That’s where the real entrepreneur sees a solution to a problem.

This is one of my favorite Einstein quotes too. He says, “Never communicate with a pessimist. They see a problem with every solution.” There are people like that out there. You give them the best solution, and they’ll tell you, “That will work because of this. It won’t work because of that.” With the BrainTap, what we did was we said, “People cannot relax.” Nowadays, it’s much more acceptable.

Back in the 80s, we were like from another planet. They didn’t know how to handle us. We’d go to shows, and people be passed out to go, what are you doing there? What’s going on? People loved it, but now we can measure it. Your nervous system is stuck in flight or fight. That’s what happens to the entrepreneur that gets so stressed out.

Unfortunately, a lot of them turn to alcohol and drugs. What they’re trying to do is something healthy. They’re trying to disengage from all that stress, but they’re using a negative vehicle to do it. What we want to do is show it’s very natural. There was a story that they talked about these horses in the wild, and there were these fermented apples.

One horse goes over there and eats the fermented apple, and the horse gets drunk and stumbles around. It told another horse about it, and pretty soon, they made a horse guard those fermented apples. They could come over and get drunk because all animals have a predisposed propensity to get out of themselves and have these altered states. That’s why people do like Alaska and silicide and things like that.

What we know with BrainTap, we’re doing a study right now in Texas, where people are doing a silicide, but we did some gamma sessions. Gamma is the brainwave that gets activated during these trips. We can do it with BrainTap without any of the drugs. People don’t realize that the drugs aren’t doing it to you. Your brain has a receptor that does it to you. Your brain’s receptor gets triggered. We have the world’s greatest pharmacy within us. If we know how to trigger it, we can do incredible things.

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BrainTap: Many entrepreneurs don’t want to do those parts of their job that they don’t like, but they need to master those so that they can take it to the next level.

You’re speaking the truth. You’re this doctor who has the science, and now you are able to be the bridge between what we fought what’s out there. We can understand and see the mysterious, spiritual, whatever you want to call those experiences. You’re able to bridge that into this format technology that everybody can touch, feel and experience.

Not just that, but they can be fulfilled by it. What I love most about BrainTap, to be quite honest, is that it doesn’t fix anything. It’s not like I’m having this mental issue. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m going to go to this head doctor and prescribe pills so I can sleep better. We know where that goes. It’s not so much of a happy ending. What I love about what you do is that you take anyone who has those mental issues, addictions or even the hype of wanting to be successful, taking where the stress for entrepreneurs is that there’s no fix.

You’re saying to me that you are giving the key, tool, and device for that person to step into their own alignment, which was already there prior to their problems. They’re tapping into their natural bliss of consciousness where they’re able to become now their own doctor, technologist or scientist and equipping themselves with that solution, which they’re unlocking what’s already there. That’s what’s so powerful behind that. It takes me to this little game. I have a little question. That’s a little game. Do you like the game truth or dare, Dr. Porter?

We’ll do the dare.

What has been your most mystical experience yet? Perhaps something outside of logic that you haven’t shared publicly yet, but you can share with me. I dare you.

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I haven’t shared it too much publicly. In 2020, somebody wrote about it, but in 1985, I was hospitalized. I had bisulfite poisoning, which was chemical pneumonia. I was in the hospital. You would think I had Parkinson’s. I couldn’t speak and I could barely walk. The doctors thought that they were going to have to do a blood transfusion. That night my sister was praying for me. She sent her guardian angels to heal me. Something came into my room that night, a golden being. It was about eight feet tall. All it told me was to go to sleep.

Remember, I couldn’t speak before that. I was staying in a Seventh Day Adventist Hospital there in Battle Creek because I was vegetarian at the time. I went out to the hall because there were no telephones. Probably younger people don’t understand this, but there were telephones on the wall. I ran out there and called my sister. I said, “Shelley, don’t ever send your guides to see me. It scared the hell out of me.” She said, “Patrick, you’re speaking.” I go, “I am.”

She goes, “What’d they tell you?” I said, “All I heard was go to sleep.” She goes, “Go to sleep.” For two weeks before that, I couldn’t sleep more than 18 minutes, every time, I would get up, and I would be up all day. I wouldn’t get tired. I would stay up. My body was hurting from that. The next day they came and woke me up at 11:00 in the morning and all the bisulfite in my body, which was a chemical part of a plating factory accident that I was in.

I was in an industrial accident. I was totally healed. They kept me in the hospital for two months to figure out how they healed me. I didn’t tell them that something came into my room and healed me. I told my dad that because we were growing up with Silva. We were taught to see energy around people and things like that. That changed my life dramatically. I went from going to school for electronics, which I still love. That’s why we have BrainTap, but I had to move to Sedona, Arizona. When I got there, I didn’t know how you would live. I got to Sedona, and I loved it. I stayed there for two weeks, hanging out on Bell Rock and all those beautiful places. I made my way down to Phoenix.

That’s when I started getting my training and what I’m doing now. I finished up college and started my career. That’s where I met the group with light and sound research. We had an office in Scottsdale. If that wouldn’t have happened to me, I was not planning on doing what I was doing right now before that. I have helped my dad with his seminar business, but I was just doing that to get through college. I was going to do electronics as a full-time job.

TME 5 | BrainTap
BrainTap: The more neuroplastic you are, the more flexible you are in your thinking, the more you see opportunities where other people see problems.

The universe had different plans for me. I’ve traveled around the world trying to figure out what this was or how this was. Although I call it now soul emergence, I still didn’t know exactly what healed me. I had a house that I rented out rooms and a little place in the basement that was fixed up like a nightclub. We’d have a lot of fun there, but I don’t want my kids to ever know about it. I was not living the same life. Not that I think that’s bad. I think you do whatever you want to do.

What I think now about spirituality is different from what I thought before. It’s different, but something healed me, God or whoever, whatever it was. It started me on this path, but I had some mystical experiences. My first book hasn’t been published yet, but I’ve written it. It’s not quite finished, but it’s was called Shamanism in the 21st Century. When my mother passed away at 47, she left a baby book for us.

There were nine of us. She would write down things she observed about us, but she never told us. When she died, we all got these books. Two things in that book shocked me that I didn’t realize. At five years old, apparently, my dad was yelling at me, and I wrote down on a piece of paper, “You can’t control me with your voice.” I walked over and handed him the piece of paper.

My mother put that in my baby book and said, “Ever since Patrick did that, his dad was scared of him.” My dad would get upset and angry with everybody, but he never did with me. I set him straight right away that his voice wasn’t going to control me. When you’re seven years old or something, there was a place in there that said, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I said, “I was going to be a millionaire psychologist.”

The funny part was when Cynthia, my wife, read it, she goes, “You even spelled it right?” I’m a creative speller. At the time, when I wrote that, my dad was a very chronic alcoholic. We were living in a two-bedroom bungalow with eleven people in the home. I don’t even know how to think that way, but I always dreamed about being on the radio. When I was on my radio show for twelve years, I hadn’t experienced sitting in the studio where I remember sitting in my port when I was a kid, pretending I was on the radio. Those two experiences were entangled. I do believe we’ve done this all before. We’re going through it and doing things a little bit differently or getting another reaction or interaction about it.

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It’s a multi-dimensional reality that you were already tapped into, but it feels to me even so that as a young boy, a young human being, that you already had a knowledge of that you already were in this cosmic journey having this human experience.

When I started meditating, my dad used to call me Merlin because I naturally knew how to do it. My brothers and sisters all were trying to do it, but I could sit there for hours and watch my breath and go on my trips. I was an artist too. I’m not using it as I could, but I got an art scholarship when I was younger. I was in my head doing all my art, going on trips, having little fantasies, and not realizing that they could have been realities. Who knows?

This is what I’m trying to say here in this show, too, that entrepreneurs need to develop their self-awareness, which you have developed since birth. We ignite your creativity, intuition, brain, and capacity to be the scientist and intuitive reading, very much like Einstein if you dig into it because I love him as well. He spoke highly on intuition. As a matter of fact, he says that he does not do anything without his intuition. That’s the first thing that he unlocked. Bravo to focus on accomplishment and beyond.

Logic can only take us so far. I very rarely found anyone who will contradict this statement. When you’re doing your taxes, no matter who you are, usually at the end, you’re dead tired because your brain’s messing with numbers. You’re trying to figure everything out. Even if somebody else is doing them, you’ve got to answer the questions. If you’re doing something creative that you love, like playing music, writing, or doing something out, you have infinite energy when you’re in that timeless place.

That’s why a lot of entrepreneurs don’t want to do those parts of their job that they don’t like, but they need to master those so that they can take it to the next level. You find people to do the things you don’t like doing, but somebody’s still got to monitor them. When I had my franchise company, we had over 108 entrepreneurs that I had to work with because they bought my system and put it in their clinics. I had to train them.

The best were those entrepreneurs who had already made their money and used my franchise as another investment because they had to work for the learning curve. When you got that new person who stepped out of the 9:00 to 5:00 job, and now they’ve got to monitor their own life, build their creativity and pay their bills. They fold up. That’s why they say less than a third of all businesses that started years ago.

What I love about BrainTap is that it’s so accessible to anyone to be able to have it for them in their own home. Rather, you have a chiropractic business or not. You have that person that now you have the choice. You can be empowered by Dr. Porter saying that meditation works that can change and transform your life and give you the keys to success. What is Dr. Porter’s next big bang in his universe? What’s next?

TME 5 | BrainTap
BrainTap: Some people don’t stick around long enough to see the results. They play at the seed and keep digging up the dirt, but they don’t let it take root.

We’re launching BrainTap Academy so people can go there and start to learn. I’ve done things with Quantum University, which is a great school, and I’ll still be doing some things there. We wanted to have a place where people could learn. We want to take ancient traditions and show how modern technology is doing it. Everything that’s out there, people think they invent things. They don’t. They rediscovered things. I tell them it’s like Columbus finding American saying he found America. There were Indians already living here. They certainly weren’t Indians. They got that name because they thought they were in the East Indies.

The reality is that everything is repackaged and renowned. Even our meditation, there’s something called the Jyoti meditation, which is where you look at a candle. You do this breathing exercise where you’re close enough so your breath can rip up the candle. That candle is flashing at 7 Hertz frequency. That’s where we got the idea with the flashing light. The retinal flashing was an ancient tradition. We want to move it up to modern technology.

There’s a lot of that going on, like a drum circle or even the bell you have. That’s entraining people. That’s an entrainment tool that brings you to focus and center. There’s a lot of tools out there to do that. I want to have a place where people can go and learn. For instance, even lasers are simply taking a piece of our light spectrum, focusing it down into a beam of light that is feeding the cells because light is the most under-prescribed nutrient on earth right now. We’re going to see more and more of this, what we call quantum medicine or light medicine.

One of the things I wanted to say too, when we think about opportunities and entrepreneurs, the reason that the same entrepreneur can see the opportunity, one fails, and one survives and thrives because our brain takes in all this information. Our ears take 25,000 pieces of information every second. Our eyes 2,000 pieces, but we only act on 40 pieces of information. It’s how we sorted that information out? How do we organize it? It’s like using the search engines on the internet. There were some good search engines before Google.

In fact, Google used the Yahoo search engine at first because it wasn’t about the search engine. It was about how it’s sorted everything. They became famous and a global force because they realized how to bring people what they needed out of all that information. The same thing is true in our world. The perceptual filters that we have, how we were brought up, what we believe about ourselves, all of that are being filtered by this powerful neuro transmitting brain. That’s what they called neuroplasticity because the more neuroplastic you are, the more flexible you are in your thinking, the more you see opportunities where other people see problems and things like that.

When intention and action meet, you get power. If one of those is missing, you get confusion. Share on X

I am trying to absorb this content field with wisdom, light and true science. The opportunity that we have here to have you here transmitting. What you’re doing for us is having this transmission for us and not just your words, but I feel your impact on the physical awareness field of consciousness that we have. You’re a big bang what I feel where it’s going. It’s expanding your wisdom tremendously all over the world, but it’s going to expand truly our collective consciousness, taking our world from this unconscious place to the conscious.

I think that’s why you’re so powerful in coming in and speaking the truth of what this technology does. It was known thousands of years ago, but truly Dr. Porter, very few people know about it. You’re able to put it in a way that we can touch, feel, understand and accept the belief that there is something else bigger than ourselves, but yet you can now do it for yourself, which is so powerful. We’ve been waiting for this. This is the age of enlightenment.

We’ve been waiting for those technologies, and you are the master that brought this for us. I cannot thank you enough. I am filled with gratitude and light by being with you in this place and time as we call it now. There’s only one time it’s now. I’m honored to have shared this time with you, absorbed this knowledge, and now share it with others and the world. Thank you so much for your grace and your divine presence with us on the show.

Thank you for having me.

I deeply appreciate you.

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