Transcending Into Your Higher Self: The Journey To A Personal, Professional, And Spiritual Success With Scott Omelianuk

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TME 13 | Higher Self

What is success? How do you achieve the very nectar of success? Today, Scott Omelianuk, the Editor-In-Chief Of INC Magazine, shares his wisdom about transcending into your higher self to become truly successful. Although he had a child, a nice house, and a job can be a great success, Scott still feels a hole in himself, but his psychedelic journey opened his path to a spiritual success. If you seek freedom and happiness, this episode is going to be an eye-opener for you. Tune in and unlock the doors imprisoning you from your higher self and transcend into it!

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Transcending Into Your Higher Self: The Journey To A Personal, Professional, And Spiritual Success With Scott Omelianuk

Namaste. Divine love, everyone. I’m grateful that you are with us. We have a very special episode with a very special guest. I want to make sure that we set up a tone for this episode. Simply be present, and you’ll be able to attune to our next guest’s wisdom about success, happiness, and self-actualization. Let’s begin.

May all be at peace and free. I’m welcoming our very special friend. His name is Scott O. He is the Director-In-Chief of Inc. Magazine. He’s got a big job to do. He is going to offer his wisdom and share his story, how powerful this story is going to be to unlock many of us, those who are seeking happiness, freedom, and success. Be present for Scott O. Thank you.

Welcome, everyone, who is reading this episode with Scott O. The name sparks itself up. He is a very successful person, but he is also much more than this successful person and has a very high position for Inc. Magazine, which we’ll discover along the way. I’m excited about this conversation and connection. Thank you for being present with us. Namaste.

My pleasure.

I want you to be present with us, me being here now, which is where the truth is. Let’s do this together. Scott, how did it all start? How did you grow up? How did it feel for you growing up? Take us to a little bit of a journey, you as a child for a start, and perhaps we’ll discover what came through as your belief systems and what makes some decisions later on in your life. Perhaps a childhood story to spark this conversation.

That might be a little boring for folks. Everyone grows up, but thinking how they grow up is normal because you don’t know anything else necessarily. I grew up in a small community outside of New York City in a family that was fairly prominent in our town but also suffered from a lot of addictions. I had a father who was an alcoholic and quite violent emotionally and physically. I knew I was not like other people who necessarily grew up, but I didn’t know how much of an impact it had.

It took a long time for me to figure out that the environment colored every interaction I had with every person, particularly men and men in positions of power. I was always in an adversarial place with them. It created some after-the-fact, long years, decades coming to an understanding of having lived with chronic PTSD from it, anxiety disorder, and things like that. This belief that I didn’t fit in, that any interaction I was going to have, people were prejudging me and not prejudging me like, “There’s a great guy,” but prejudging me in the way that I think my father judged me and the way my father encouraged others to judge me. I had what you might call terrible self-esteem.

We nailed some deep nails in there. Thank you for tearing up the bend because very few are capable of doing this right off the bat. You don’t even know me. You’ve seen me for fifteen minutes. For you to be able to be here present and sharing this with me, with us and the world is a big deal.

I don’t see it that way. What this applies to my professional life too is that I think being honest and authentic is the appropriate thing because people can learn from that. They realize they’re not alone in that. They realize that the road they’ve traveled someone else might have. I understand some people might like to keep that hidden. For whatever reason, I’ve always been of the mind that sharing knowledge is better than withholding it.

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Your knowledge, what you shared, what transpired to this is it has nothing to do with the books you’ve read, the mountains that you climbed, the Himalayas, ceremonies, or whatever it is that you’ve done as experience show things in here in this lifetime. It has to do with tapping directly into your own source knowledge, which is true knowledge and direct knowledge. I feel that this is what’s missing on this path of success.

We’re turned on by being so much outside of ourselves. Seeking this thing, these bells and whistles of this, “This is going to help me. This is going to relieve me. This drug is going to make me feel better,” or whatever that is, this conference on these next things, these millions of dollars, but you straight up learned from your own self. This is deep, beautiful, and true that it becomes like a little cloud in the air.

It’s very light when we find out that this knowledge is all you need truly to pursue your purpose, to be successful, and to discover what you are in many aspects of yourself. You talk about being authentic. You say honesty and authenticity. If somebody’s reading this, they’re out there and working hard. Share this part of authenticity because I do believe very much the same thing as well, what you share about being honest. Be honest with yourself. Can you develop that thought a little bit? It’s beautiful.

I wouldn’t say that I understand how to always be honest with myself. The way someone else might see me, I believe, is entirely different than the way I see myself. We only have our own perceptions. When I think about it, it’s a direct experience that no training made me think that way, whether that’s professional as a journalist or an editor, a media person or someone in therapy. It did not come from that.

Somehow, I understood that sharing aspects of myself and perhaps uncomfortable aspects of myself, it would allow other people to be more comfortable. That has served me better professionally than personally because sometimes, personally, you don’t get involved with that guy, but ultimately, what other ways is there to be?

I don’t know how else to be. Other people will be different. Other people will take different approaches. For me, it comes from a place of I’m no better than anyone else. I don’t think I had it worse than anyone else. I think all of our challenges are relative. Little challenges that you might have that may seem big challenges that someone else might’ve had don’t seem as big. There is no scale system and people are the way they are. I take that at face value. I never thought about it like that. I think that’s it.

How did you then overcome those doubts, fears and traumas? We don’t have to go deep in there because I want to go to what your success is like nowadays and the things that you achieved along the way with perhaps sharing that mindset. Did you seek a doctor? Did you do certain practices? What happened that you unlocked yourself from that trauma?

I wish I had a simple answer for that. It’s a combination of things. There’s never one magic potion or silver bullet. There were a couple of people around the periphery of me growing up who represented other paths than the one I was on. I saw lives that were more comfortable. There were ones that I would’ve liked to exist in. Maybe it was like, “I wish they would adopt me.” I think I had some gifts as well. I was quite a skilled artist. I had creativity that other people recognized and a verbal ability as well that made me a writer. I got nice feedback in that way. It gave me these little glimmers of hope. In other ways, I think I was quite adversarial with the relationship I was in. I had to get out of it.

You’re telling me I can’t have this job? To hell with you. I’m going to get that job. That’s a less healthy place. It was a fire in the belly kind of thing. At the same time, while I say all of those things, I also wonder if I didn’t feel as fettered as I have through most of my life, how much more success I’ve had? I have a son now. I am trying to raise him very differently than the way I was raised. He’s a super bright kid. I would love to see how far in the way that’s appropriate to him. He could go without any of the chains that I felt like I was carrying or didn’t even feel like I was carrying but was carrying without knowing it.

You clearly broke limitations. This is unbelievable because most people have to go through many things to clear the walls in the mind, but you did it through that experience. You did it through yourself. What I understand and correct me is the power of associations. Scott’s message is profound, true, and pure. If you don’t like the things that are coming into your life or the environment that you are in, you have to get out of your comfort zone. It says uncomfortable and association.

Those are the principles of success. You must get out. You must seek a different environment. If there’s that one person in your life that you feel is higher or has the things that you want in your life, connect with that person more. Believe in that person more. This was incredible. You said you have gifts. This is what we are getting into the entree of this conversation, this meat portion. You had gifts as a child and felt you didn’t fit in this world.

This is where the Mystical Mavericks come in. You didn’t fit in this world, yet you uncovered and discovered those gifts. You pursued those gifts no matter how they showed you, no matter the judgment, no matter what society was saying. You involved your instinct and developed your gift. Talk to us about this. You have gifts, then this intuition, you acted on it. What did you do with it? What was your first interaction with a career that made you even more realize, “This is what I’m going to be doing?”

It started in school. I grew up in a somewhat prominent family in the town I was in at the time. My grandfather owned several businesses and it was customary for the family to work in those businesses. I chose not to do that. I went away to college. It was leaving an uncomfortable place for me. I wanted to get away from the discomfort of the emotional and physical abuse that was possible at home. That opened up a whole other world. I was fortunate enough that whatever that balancing scale is to enjoy the new more than be comfortable with the old. I went to university as an art student.

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These people, I think, are all around us. We have to listen to them. It’s easy to dismiss people, but I feel like we get signals all the time. I was a Studio Art Major, but I had an Art History professor who said, “I think you’re a much better writer than you are a painter. You might consider that.” Sometimes, when I tell people that story, they’re like, “That’s awful that she said that.” Not at all. I think she pointed me in the right direction.

Certainly, I could have been some design person, graphic designer or whatever in my career, but she sent me on this other path that changed my major, my engagement with the school newspaper and that gave me a path to graduate school that brought me to New York and at that time magazines. Those were these very exciting, slick, glossy things. Even though I couldn’t literally can see the skyline from the town I grew up in, New York could not be less like the town I grew up in.

You got different opportunities after that that got you deeper into where you are now. Would you say that your intuition, you being in tune with this self, call it the highest self as it is because it is, is this something that’s always been with you that you had to learn from somewhere, someone? Let’s say, “I went to a meditation class and I saw it for myself.” Is it something that you always have at least know about to have to listen to this? Your intuition led you to listen to that teacher who pointed you to that door. Have you not listened to this, paused for a minute and taken action, you and I probably wouldn’t be talking.

To me, it comes down to a balance and finding the way forward with the balance. For me, it was a combination of confidence and self-doubt. The self-doubt that existed because of how I was raised, the constant barrage of emotional abuse, humiliation and all of that stuff always made me question myself, “Am I doing the right thing? Is this what I should be doing?”

Yet I still had this piece of confidence that I think came from a few peripheral people in my life that came from my ability to be an artist or writer. I also have to say in seeing in my grandfather someone, a child of the Depression who grew up and started his own companies, to think that anything is potentially possible. I kept having self-doubt about what I was doing, being a writer, an editor, and having that what’s possible sensibility and that confidence to see through what’s possible to get what’s possible done. I became very entrepreneurial in journalism.

I had a series of different positions, went from working at brands like GQ and Esquire to digital properties to running a property that, at that time, belonged to the world’s largest entertainment company that no longer exists now, Time Warner. That was a television show. They are a set of websites and magazines. I was always building on those things and being very entrepreneurial to the point where you saw the media landscape dissolving very challenged teens of the 2000s, selling the business that I worked for Time Warner, and deciding I never wanted to go back to media.

That’s a big statement. Most people will be like, “Why did you do that?”

We saw how disrupted it became. I didn’t need a television studio in midtown Manhattan to have a conversation like this. We can have it together in our two remote locations. Seeing all of that disruption made me less interested and then having done it for many years made me less interested. I thought I was going to participate in a growth equity fund with some partners, but that fell through. I decided to become a consultant based on the philosophy we were going to use at the growth equity fund.

I was a terrible consultant because I was a bad salesperson for myself and a worse bill collector. The clients I would find couldn’t pay me and I’d be like, “Don’t worry about it.” I went for a couple of years without collecting a single paycheck from the consulting business. At the same time, in using that entrepreneurial aspect of myself, I became a professor of marketing and entrepreneurship at university.

I was the cofounder in a wellness startup that you might call augmented meditation. It was guided meditation but with the addition of color psychology and sound therapy. Ultimately, my cofounder and I had a patent issued that I created for a content engine for that. We won a global innovation day in a hospitality business and hotel chain that would’ve potentially put us in 30,000 rooms, but ultimately, I didn’t get along with my cofounder. I left the business not knowing what was next.

TME 13 | Higher Self
Higher Self: Augmented meditation is a guided meditation but with the addition of color, psychology, and sound therapy.

The business, I think, still exists but hasn’t gone anywhere. A couple of weeks after that, I got a call to come to run Inc. Business Media, which includes Inc. Magazine. I thought, “I have these decades of media experience. I have this entrepreneurial passion. I can get a regular paycheck without the uncertainty of being an entrepreneur. Maybe this is what I should do.”

Once I met the audience, the people we talked to to feature and who were at the event where I met you, I realized that this was the right thing. I’m much better at using those skills that I had or those gifts that I had of storytelling and helping other people tell their stories rather than going out and creating my own all the time.

You fit where you are right now in your life. From that on, where are you expanding into? You said, “I have a little bit of more comfort. I feel more secure maybe financially or whatever that is. Now I can focus on something that I always wanted to focus on that is even more spiritual,” or what it is for you that is beyond the aspect of business, linear thinking and job relating or career path or even entrepreneurship? You are on this higher path, which is your spiritual path. What is this for you? What does it looks and feels like? What’s the goal, eventually?

For me, that came down to getting to a certain place and still feeling a little bit of discomfort. Having what by all outward measures might seem great success, like having a child, a nice house and a job that people respect. I’m able to help people in that job. I still felt a hole in myself. A couple of things coming together in meditation practice, spending time with a mentor and a group of founders on a retreat led me to decide that I’d gone as far as I could with traditional therapy.

It wasn’t helping me that much anymore. I still felt there were some obstacles, mostly related to turning up as a better person. I’ve gotten this and I feel like all of the material things are there like, “How do I be a better person? How do I be more comfortable with myself?” I still carry a lot of those messages of self-esteem and things like that with me, despite the success.

That led me to pursue psilocybin therapy, mushrooms, a psychedelic therapy with a therapist who had been practicing in the underground for many years. I found that to be for me. It depends on when you talk to me, how recently I’ve had a journey, and what that journey has been like. It’s been enormously expanding. It has allowed me to drop my defenses because I may feel impervious. I don’t need defenses.

I’ve been able to be more generous with myself and in being more generous with myself, being kinder with myself, I’m able to be that much more generous with other people. For me, that psychedelic journey, which sometimes hints at scary, dark things, lovely, warm things, universe is beyond the one we exist in, realms beyond the ones we exist in.

All of these things are there, but I tend to use all of that to try to make me a total work in progress. I would never call myself a good person. I call myself a person who’s getting better all the time. To me, that’s the most important thing. How can I be less self-conscious, less self-aware, less ego-driven? How can I be a better person for others?

This is what helped you tremendously. This is what helped you to connect the dots and it’s still helping you. We live in a world where people want the quick fix. I don’t even know that most people know that they want liberation at the end of the day because they’re suffering badly within that I think they’re addicted to the suffering. When we talk about liberation for them, it’s like, “What are you talking about? You can’t even talk about liberation.”

You’re going to a place you don’t know.

The aspects of that experience itself, what you’re engaged with those psychedelics experiences, open up consciousness that’s always existed, but you can recognize and see it for yourself. I’m not sure how that feels for you because it’s such a personal experience. It was God itself, that when you have this inner eye at the heart that opens up, this universal consciousness that’s always within and opening up, I wonder if this is why it’s helping you now even more to be present and successful with others and to have cut off this ego. Clearly, this is what I saw when I saw you. It comes back to, “Yes, you’re an alien,” because there’s no ego there. When there’s a mind, there is the ego. When there’s no mind, there’s an ego.

Those things that you’re able to experience, be able to perhaps cut off the root of that ego, when you come out of it, it still has this imprint that is beyond the mind, brain and then you are now in this place where you’re offering what you are truly, which is this being of light, bliss and pure consciousness truly by nature and now you are that with no name. Whatever it is that you’re doing in your life, you became this Buddha, this consciousness that is now healing others. You don’t even have to speak about it. By raising your own vibration, you are now able to be this which has no name.

There’s a lot of truth in that. By being less concerned about yourself, how other people are perceiving you, or what you’re going to get out of this engagement, this meeting, this talking to someone else by being less concerned about that more organic things can develop. By not having the ego there and not worrying about, “Do I look thin enough while I’m having this conversation? This person has more than me, how do I get that?” or whatever it might be, by dropping those concerns, you can have more honest interactions.

TME 13 | Higher Self
Higher Self: More organic things can develop by being less concerned about how others perceive them.

For me and at work, one of the places I feel most passionate about in what I do is helping people who don’t have traditional paths to success in our society, who maybe are first generation, maybe first-generation college or multi-generational wealth. Helping those founders, in particular, let them know that there’s someone who sees them on their journey. There are other people like them and there are tools to go farther.

This is somewhat like teaching at university, too. The reward isn’t the paycheck. The reward is being able to elevate everybody somehow. In doing that, you do the same for yourself. I can talk about this game well. It’s not like I’m like this every day. I’m getting better. I’m not a better person. I’m getting better every day.

That honesty about you sharing those very things and principles brings forth that we are here simply to experience this thing goes life, but ultimately, isn’t it the purpose to seek what we are? What are we here? Who are we? This question of, “Who am I?” there is perhaps not even an answer to it. By you having those experiences and sharing it, sharing your story and you keep saying, “Sharing story,” the importance of that is the healing within itself.

When you share your story with me and the one that, hopefully, is present is that they also have a story to share. They also have this gift to share whatever that is for them. We no longer have to hide behind the doubt, fears and concepts that were in our heads all alone. They were not real. By experimenting with yourself, you’re discovering your true self. Now you’re able to share from that place that true state of being. This is truly what success is because don’t you feel liberated to be able to be you and show up? How does that feel?

I’m much more comfortable in my own skin. There’s no question about that. Part of this, in sharing your story, people share their stories with you. It’s another way of getting out of your own ego because you realize, “This person had this experience. This person had to overcome this hurdle.”

The point I’m trying to make is that you’re a very successful person and still have no ego. There’s confusion out there that entrepreneurs need to have this, “I’m powerful. I’m going to unpack the world,” all these things. At the end of the day, they’re burned out and miserable. In a sense, everyone can have this liberation or happiness and still be successful.

I think about it this way. In everything we do, there’s going to be an outcome, whether we perceive it as amazing or utterly crushing physically and mentally crushing, whatever it is, we assign that value to it, “This outcome is good. This outcome is bad.” There’s an opportunity without ego, without the need for personal gratification to have the outcome. It’s going to be to the good or to the bad, but we can decide how much weight to give it if it’s bad or good.

TME 13 | Higher Self
Higher Self: Everything we do, there will be an outcome, whether it’s good or bad.

We can decide that our interactions with others should be positive instead of negative and that even if they’re difficult conversations, there’s something to be had here. All of these things, I understand. I’m by no means a master of practicing them, but there are observations I have and try with fault but try to keep in place because I do think you can be a very successful entrepreneur and still be humble.

Do you have to believe in yourself? One hundred percent. Do you have to convince people your solution is the right one? Yes, but you don’t need to do that with a big hammer or a big mallet to hit them over the head with. There are other ways to do it. Do you need to convince your team that you’re on the right path? Yes, but you can also acknowledge and maybe bring them closer to you that there are moments when you have doubts but are doing your best and think you can get together. Likewise on the other side with investors or consumers.

Consumers give businesses lots of grace when businesses are honest with them. When they admit, “We made a mistake. We didn’t have enough of this, but we want to make good on it because we value you and the time you spend with us.” An exciting thing about entrepreneurship is Steve Jobs was a brilliant guy, no question. Everyone thinks that. Everyone also thinks he was a jerk.

Can you be brilliant and be as demanding in a way, but without the personal attacks or the sense of personal attack? It’s not often a personal attack. Chip Conley is a founder and he was the mentor of Brian Chesky of Airbnb, runs something called the Modern Elder Academy, which is a retreat for folks who are looking at how to redefine success for them more personally than in a business sense. He says the CEO is the Chief Emotions Officer. I think he’s absolutely right. You’re the chief executive, but you’re also the person who impacts everyone else’s mood around you. Do you want to leave everyone in a bad mood every day or do you want to lift them up?

When it comes to entrepreneurship, we know there are ripples. Entrepreneurship creates ripples that can create the first ripple for you and your family’s success, as I mentioned before, generational wealth, maybe, and your employee’s success. Those ripples can also be troughs. If you’re the chief emotional officer and you hit someone with a hammer, they carry that pain home with them. They’re likely to pass it on as well.

Do you want to be the person who’s responsible for creating discontent in all of the families of all of the people who work for you? That’s not cool. You don’t want to do that. I don’t think there’s a very sadistic person who has their own issues and we should want to help. It might do that, but I don’t think any right-thinking person wants to do that. It’s just that we don’t think about that in particular.

“We don’t think about that in particular,” is a great statement because this thinking process in the past already is the mind creating all these thoughts, which is gathering the thoughts, the programming, and the why not meaning, “What? We’re not present.” I interviewed Matt Higgins, Mark Cuban, and all these incredible men like yourself. It comes back to that one thing each time about success and happiness, and it is about ourselves alone.

It comes back to pointing the finger back at us and how we are going to develop our sense of awareness of all of these things that create success and happiness that’s already within ourselves. The message is profound because it looks to me that your first experience in showing up here on this Earth was trauma. How cool is that? As a witness to this story, I can see how this trauma has full potential, the thing that unlocks you. What a gift to have welcomed the darkness to release your light, which is the self.

If you could go back and change your life, would you? I don’t think I would. As painful as those moments might have been, they’ve created the person I’m able to be now. I can offer a lot more as I am now because of that. It’s hard. Certainly, there were some beatings that I could have done without.

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You’re laughing about it, which is enlightenment itself. This is incredible.

The memory is there. The actual pain is gone, so that’s good. I would like not to have had those experiences. It would’ve been nice to have the experience I believe I’m creating for my own child now. He’ll have his own traumas, though, regardless of how hard I try to create a good life for him. Ultimately, once the rough or sharp edges of that experience are sanded or worn down, I think I’m better off for having had them.

You’re definitely very aware. The alien is coming out. There is a big deal in the world about meditation. I’m jumping into sharing the gentleman who is sponsoring the show. His name is Dr. Patrick Porter. He speaks all over the world about the mind. The discovery that he made even when he was a child is that the brain is the seat of the mind. The brain has all this wiring, this system, and the internet that if it’s not unlocked, it doesn’t fire up very well. We have a lack of sleep, success, and the list goes on. Even a lack of relationships sometimes or what it is, is the brain needs to be fired up.

This gentleman, who is a dear friend of mine, created BrainTap. It’s a headset and you simply listen to those sound vibrations. It mimics nature itself. This 423-hertz frequency that is natural is mimicked by this headset. When you basically turn it on, there are a lot of lights and frequencies, which is vibration. You set it up with words, meditate on it, music, and whatnot. This is fabulous for anyone who wants to recover and sleep because we find out that in America, we don’t sleep.

We’re adversarial to sleep. That’s certainly true.

Readers, try BrainTap. They have an app. I think you’ve also had that as a business. You’re very much aware and understand the power of helping ourselves. Sometimes, we need this little push. Not everybody can just sit and then go into the arena. You need this little push.

This is a very simple concept and very practical for entrepreneurs or anyone who is on a path of success to use it daily. It’s an amazing headset. You practice meditation as well and it is something that you do maybe daily or not. What can an entrepreneur do with this? Is this something that they have to take a class or can they maybe follow you? Maybe you teach it? I’m not sure.

I don’t teach it. I started out using the Headspace app. That’s how I do it. I used that before I entered the business I had with guided meditation, where well-known meditation coaches create meditations for different experiences and use the sound frequencies to achieve very different goals. Often, that was the anxiety, sleep, and all of the things that plague us most, potentially life-shortening, productivity crimping and economic problems for us as a nation.

While we think we’re being productive without sleep, we’re costing the economy billions of dollars. I started out using a guided meditation app, like someone could start with BrainTap and go from there. I find that the thing I talked about, there are going to be outcomes and I assign values to them. It is one of the things that helps me understand that.

TME 13 | Higher Self
Higher Self: While we think we’re being productive without sleep, we’re costing the economy billions of dollars.

It is one of the things that helps me get back to sleep when I wake up worried about something in the middle of the night. I could be going crazy with all of the noise and conversations in my head, but coming back to the experience I have as a meditator, I can remind myself of how to drop all of that away. It takes away the extraneous noise to let me be more thoughtful at work, in a relationship, or more creative. I’m a big believer that we would all benefit from a little quiet in all the noise that we have in our lives.

Do you know how powerful this message is? This is the most powerful message. You’ve gone through this journey to find out this truth. Can you imagine the purpose that you have and the journey ahead for you? This is incredible. This is the nectar of all success. Now that you have it and you are consumed, you experiment with it, and then you know it. Sharing this is what changed the world. I’m in awe because I’m excited about what will come for you from that place of consciousness you are in and saying what is next for you. What you have in your back pocket that you want to make an explosion in the world, what is that? It’s beautiful.

Being able to have a conversation as we’ve had is incredibly valuable to me because it allows me to remind myself of the lessons I’ve learned, the things that can get brushed aside when you get to the office and there’s a crisis. Being able to have a conversation like this, I hope it has value for other people who are reading. I also am grateful because it has a real impact on me and how I’ll conduct the rest of my day. Thank you for that.

I hope you see what I see and how enlightening it is. You’re beautiful. Go on enjoying this space you are in, this pure consciousness that you are. Now, it’s yours to enjoy. There’s nothing to do for you. Take whatever you do. The doing is already done. Enjoy this place you’re in. Can you imagine what you’ve achieved mentally, spiritually, physically, financially, and everything all at once? Now you’re able to enjoy this nectar and ocean with your son. I’m the one who is grateful for you when I first met you. I’m trying not to tear up because it’s not an emotion. It’s a beautiful loving experience that I have with you, and I want to cherish this. To share this with others is a gift.

Thank you so much.

I love you. Thank you so much. Many blessings. Everyone, divine love. Namaste.

The wisdom of this show, episode, sharing, and connection revealed itself through Scott’s presence and how he was able to discover his passion and purpose from childhood. When you read the trauma that he had to go through, you also read that it was painful, but in realization, later on, that all of this trauma was a gift.

If you are reading this episode, sharing connection and wisdom, know that whatever you’re going through in your life, whether physical, spiritual, work-related, purpose-related or spiritual, points you toward your higher self to align you where you need to go. Sometimes, like he said, “Be honest.” It is beautiful.

Be honest with yourself. It’s a difficult thing to do because sometimes we have to rip off this Band-Aid and look at the seed that’s within. We discover what’s in there. What’s within? This pain that we’re feeling, those emotions and all of those things that a lot of time the mind is wrapped up into that create the environment we’re in.

In this conversation, it was incredible because it was revealed that change your association, be honest with yourself, and be compassionate with others, it’s so much what’s shared but what stood out to me was this honesty about where we are on the path, on the journey to stop and to be quiet. To meditate is to be honest, when you sit and close your eyes and be quiet.

There are many tools out there that we can use. I mentioned the technology, BrainTap. Use things that will serve you and let go of the things that don’t serve you. Although when you reach a certain awareness and realization, you realize then that all of it served you to get where you need to be, which literally means you are exactly where you’re supposed to be no matter what your goal. If you had that desire and the pursuit of this happiness, this success, build that confidence and develop your intuition.

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The one key that cannot be avoided, no matter if you don’t like it or like it, is to sit in meditation. Meditation means no mind. To sit quietly. Be quiet for that one-half second where you can see within. You can turn your eyes and see the being that you are so you can free the thoughts and all these things that were holding you back. The fears, doubt, self-doubt and the voices in your head that says, “You’re not good enough. You’re not smart enough. How are you going to survive if you aren’t smart enough?”

When you turn yourself within and see what you are, you’ll discover how special you are. I’ve been blessed with this conversation and it’s such a gift now to share with you. When you read this, pause. If there’s something that you read, pause and read it again until it’s not just sticking intellectually but also at the heart space because this is where all the learning starts.

The real direct knowledge starts in the heart. Let it be at the heart. Let it resonate in your life and take those actions that are going to serve you along the way. Know that you are already successful. If you sit quietly, you realize that you already have success and you are the key all along. We are thankful to Scott O., the Editor in Chief of Inc. Magazine, for showing up in this beautiful bright light in his truth. He’s so humble. With that, have an amazing rest of your journey. Until we meet and see each other again. Peace. Shanti, shanti, om. Thank you for being here and being you.

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