The Success Principles With Jack Canfield

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TME 11 l The Success Principles

Success is not just a goal. It’s something you need to live by. The author of  The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be is joining us today to share how you can live each day with success in mind. Jack Canfield is the founder and author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, which has more than 250 titles in 500 million copies in print in other 40 languages. He is also an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, and a corporate trainer who has touched the lives of many. In this episode, he enriches us with wisdom on how to practice the 67 success principles in everyday life. It’s all about a positive mindset of attraction and taking action. Join his chat with host Oma and be moved and inspired to achieve the success that you’re capable of.

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The Success Principles With Jack Canfield

Get ready for an amazing show with an amazing being. It doesn’t need an introduction because we all know him. We all adore Mr. Jack Canfield. In case, you don’t know him, he is a bestselling author, motivational speaker, corporate trainer and entrepreneur. He is the author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, which has more than 250 titles and 500 million copies in print in over 40 languages. We’re going to hear from Jack about mystical conversation, spirituality and business. We’re going to learn so much from this amazing being. We’re welcoming Jack Canfield. Welcome, Jack.

I’m not sure if you recall us meeting a few years ago. Maybe you don’t, but we did an interview with you while you were preparing for the Principle of Success in Scottsdale. I helped you with your knees. I gave you some menthol and herbs. I’m not sure if you recall that but that’s an experience to me that I cherish and I take with me through my entire course and path. That was an amazing experience. I wanted to share this. Thank you for sharing your presence with us. I’m very flattered. You expand consciousness when you show up. I’ve been following you for quite a bit. Each time you show up, what I love about you, Jack Canfield, is that you are very consistent.

You always know what you’re going to get. I think that’s such a big deal as an entrepreneur and I respect that about you. After many years of showing up in this light and continue to show up through other new entrepreneurs now. You keep sharing and showing up in this consistent line that is your true core, your frequency, and your sacred wisdom. Thank you for being here.

It’s my pleasure.

If you don’t mind, I would like to do a little intention to set the tone. I like to do this in the work that I do. It’s very quick. It’s for the audience and ourselves for this flow in our conversation. You probably know the Lokah Samastah Sukinho Bhavantu. It is an 8,000-year-old mantra that sets the tone for oneness and peace. “Lokah Samastah Sukinho Bhavantu. May all beings be at peace and may all beings be free from suffering. May all of us contribute within our thoughts and actions to the peace, wellness and happiness of others at all times. Thank you.” How are you?

I’m wonderful, and more so now after that. Thank you.

We all are vibrations. One of the questions that many entrepreneurs have for you is, what was the pivotal moment in your life when you knew about your mission, your purpose, and your passion to help others on their higher path to success? Can you share maybe some of your humble moments and beginnings?

I started out my career as a high school teacher in Chicago. I decided I wanted to be a teacher and make a difference in the world that way. I went to the University of Chicago to graduate school. Part of that graduate school two-year program was to visit a series of schools, and the next year to do practice teaching in those schools. We visited a school that was in the suburbs called Rich Township and it was. We then went to a school called DuSable, which at that time had been named The Worst High School in America by TIME Magazine. I was taken by the fact that it was a black inner-city high school. The teachers weren’t all that motivated. I think they all wanted to transfer out if they could.

I remember after visiting other schools where everything seemed to be so wealthy and all that, I thought, “I could make a difference here.” I applied to teach at an all-Black high school. I got into a school called Calumet. It was on the South side of Chicago and I taught there for a year as part of my graduate program. I began to realize after about a month that I was more interested in why my students didn’t believe in themselves. Their self-esteem and self-confidence were low. Most of them didn’t have a very high sense of themselves. They didn’t have very high goals for their future. I became more interested in that.

TME 11 Jack | The Success Principles
The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

I took a workshop from a man named W. Clement Stone who was a self-made multimillionaire. He is worth $600 million. He was a friend of Napoleon Hill who wrote the book Think and Grow Rich. They also co-authored a book together. I started studying how you develop self-esteem, help kids set goals, do affirmations, believe in themselves, visualize, take steps, respond to feedback, never give up, etc. I started teaching those in my school for ten minutes in every one of my classes and my students started to do well. They stopped dropping out.

I remember one day, there were a couple of students who were suspended from school. They snuck into the school, came to my class, and snuck out again because they didn’t want to miss my class. That was the beginning of realizing that there was a possible way to empower people to believe in themselves and go for it. Over time, I started teaching teachers. I did public and corporate seminars, and then what I do now. That’s how it all started.

You had yourself the confidence to tap into what was calling you. We’re going to talk about the Law of Attraction and those keys that you’re a phenomenon and a guru at. You recognize that if you get clear on what, the how we’ll be taking care of. That’s a Jack Canfield success principle. How to get from where you are to where you want to be. “If you get clear on what,” I get very passionate about this line. Can you touch on that?

The first step of any success is what Napoleon Hill called having a burning desire. You have to have something you want. You can’t get from where you are to where you want to be unless you know where you want to be. You ask a lot of people, “What do you want to be when you grow up? What’s your goal for life? What do you want to accomplish?” A lot of people go, “I don’t know. I never thought of it.” You first have to decide what you want.

A lot of people won’t decide what they want because they don’t see how they can get it, “How could I become a doctor when I haven’t even graduated college yet? How could I become a lawyer when no one in my family ever went to college? I’m too young. I’m too old. I don’t know enough.” The reality is you don’t have to know how to get there. You first have to commit to the what. If you apply the principles that you and I teach like affirmations, visualization, listening to your intuition and so forth, the how will show up.

I use a metaphor in the movie, The Secret, where I talk about when you’re driving at night, your headlights only go a couple of hundred yards ahead of your car. If you drive that a couple of hundred yards, then what happens is you see the next 100 yards and the next 100 yards. It keeps showing up. All of a sudden, three things will occur. Number one, you’ll start to have creative ideas, “I should call my brother. I should do this thing there. I should go to Starbucks here and not there.” When you’re in the line in Starbucks, you start talking to the guy or woman behind you. All of a sudden, they end up becoming a business partner or your mentor. They introduce you to a book you need to read or whatever.

The second thing that happens is you activate your program or your reticular activating system in your brain, which is the filter that filters in your perception. Most of us only see the things that match our beliefs. When you have a goal, you start to see other things that were always in your environment that you never saw before.

I’ll give a little example for everyone on how that works. Right now, you’re not thinking about this, but as soon as I say it, you’ll be able to experience it. Notice what you’re feeling on your right foot. Everybody can do that. Before that, you weren’t experiencing anything on your right foot because you were paying attention to me or whatever you were paying attention to. Your brain is filtering out your right foot because it wasn’t a priority.

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As soon as you set a goal and you visualize a firm belief and all that stuff, your reticular system begins to open up and allows in resources, books, opportunities, etc., that were always there in your environment that you never saw before. That’s what happens. You will start to read. You’ll start to be attracted to courses and things like that. You may have to learn some new things, get some new credentials or whatever. The point is don’t let not knowing how get in the way of deciding what you want. I can tell you hundreds of stories of homeless people who ended up at Harvard. I wrote a foreword for a book called Homeless to Billionaire. It’s about a guy who was nineteen years old sleeping on the beach in Phuket, Thailand. Fifteen years later, he’s worth $3 billion. Homeless at nineteen, $3 billion by the time he gets to be 34.

I’m trying not to cry and I love you so much. I get the chills because I’ve never heard you saying this story before and I’ve watched you. Maybe I missed it. I came to this country with $50 in my pocket. I didn’t speak any English with a guitar on my back literally and a little luggage that my grandma gave me before I left at 4:00 in the morning from Marcé in Southern France. I didn’t speak English, Jack. I didn’t know any English or anyone.

I show up in a street in LA with nothing but my guitar and this little tiny luggage. What you’ve said, I had never heard anyone put it this way. That homeless person that was an illegal immigrant and homeless, you ran right into my consciousness. How do you do that, Jack? This is the reason that I’m here speaking with you. It is because of those principles. Thank you. I adore you. Do you even realize how powerful you are or if everybody is seeing it? You’re very powerful in your consciousness.

Thank you. I think everybody is that powerful. The problem is they’ve never taken the time to tap into it. When you are a meditator, like you and I are, you then become more consciously and unconsciously aware of everything around you. When you’re in tune, the person you’re talking to draws out from you that which needs to be said. I could have used five other stories to illustrate that point. For whatever reason, that’s what came into my head and that’s what came out.

I’m still just trying to process it because literally, you went straight into my higher mind. I don’t think anyone has done this before. I’m in je ne sais quoi. This is marvelous. I’m having such a mystical experience right now with you and I can’t wait to share it with the world. One thing that I picked up on in one of your interviews was the shelf esteem and I related to that too. You talked about how we can have all these books and all this learning curve, and learn with the logical side of the mind. You call it shelf esteem. I thought it was brilliant. I’m like, “I should have thought about that before. I could have got that.”

Where I got that idea was I was talking to the people at a company called Nightingale-Conant. They produce a lot of audio programs. Vic Conant told me that only 17% of all the courses they sell get opened and finished. A lot of people buy books and take programs, and they put them on the shelf. Your shelves have a lot of esteem, but you don’t. I want you who are reading this to have self-esteem, self-awareness, self-confidence, self-empowerment, self-actualization and ultimately, self-fulfillment, but you have to do the work. You have to read the books and you have to take the courses. You have to apply what you learn.

My mentor said, “You have to apply. It’s a simulation and then application.” A lot of people don’t do that. You talk about me and yourself. What we share with the public is a tip of an iceberg. It’s up here. Most of it is underwater. The reality is all this work we’ve done on ourselves, both internally and externally, that allows us to have the wisdom we have. That allows us to be as profound or impactful as we are.

What is transparent to me in this conversation as it’s taking place on this flow in the now is the word genuineness. I’m blissful to be here with you because I feel from you this genuineness. You’re so genuine and it’s rare. Isn’t it bizarre that it’s so rare? I’m not sure you know why. This should be normal.

TME 11 Jack | The Success Principles
The Success Principles: All this work we’ve done on ourselves, both internally and externally, allows us to have the wisdom we have that allows us to be as profound or impactful as we are.

A lot of people have been wounded as children for being their authentic selves, for being noisy, for having wants and needs, and for not wanting to do what their parents wanted them to do. Their parents wanted them to be a doctor but they wanted to be a car mechanic. “It’s not okay to cry.  Don’t get mad at your father. Study things you’re not interested in,” and so forth and so on. After a while, we are afraid to share our authentic selves for fear of losing favor and approval.

Most of us are living our lives for approval rather than for self-fulfillment and self-expression. That’s why the inner work is so important to let go of that. We have to release our beliefs and our fears so that we can come back to the essentialness of who we are because when you’re expressing your authentic, essential self without fear, that’s pure joy. That’s what we all want.

You are in agreement with me that pure joy is our true essence. It’s this pristine supreme perfection that we already are. You’re taking that and now teaching others how to ignite that or unlock that which is already there. Bravo because of millions of people and entrepreneurs that you are able to transform their minds and their lives, and you continue to touch more millions. It’s like, “How do you do that? That’s incredible.” Going back to the Law of Attraction, you see or hear it on social media. The Law of Attraction and things happen. Those great things happen to the gurus, the yogis, the Jack Canfields, the celebrities and the famous. Can you demystify this for us?

The Law of Attraction is a universal law. It works for everybody. It’s like the Law of Gravity. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich, poor or where you live, the Law of Gravity always works. You jump off a building and you’re going to fall down. What happens is that the Law of Attraction is always working. The problem is to look at what are you attracting. Are you attracting things you want like wealth, health, abundance, fun, joy, opportunities, travel, meaningful relationships, etc.?

The majority of people, unfortunately, are attracting things that they don’t want like poverty, debt, pain, relationships that are a struggle, fights, arguments, and all that kind of thing. What happens is that you have to then look at what am I thinking and what am I focusing on. The Law of Attraction says that you’re going to attract into your life that which you think about, believe, talk about, and feel strongly about especially repetitively. If you have a belief that you’re overweight, that you’re not smart, that you’re not athletic or you can’t do numbers or you can’t remember jokes, whatever it might be, that’s what you’re going to attract into your life.

What I think our work is about is having the focus of your mind. Training your mind to focus on the things you want. We do that through having visions of what we want in our life, setting goals, using affirmations and visualization, and acting as if we already have it. As an example, my mentor who I mentioned, W. Clement Stone challenged me, “Set a goal so big that if you achieve it, you’ll know it’s only because of what I’ve taught you.”

At that time, I was making $8,000 a year as a teacher in Chicago. This was in 1969 or 1970, right at that time. To make $100,000 seemed impossible to me, but I set a goal to make $100,000. I didn’t make $100,000. I made $93,238. That was so much more than I was making before. I went, “This stuff works.” My wife said, “Do you think it will work with $1 million?” “It worked for $100,000. Let’s try it.” We made a $1 million bill. We drew one. We put it on the ceiling and every morning we wake up, we would see it. We closed our eyes. We visualize living a million-dollar lifestyle. If this was a seminar where I had overheads, I would show you a check written to me by the publisher of the first Chicken Soup book for $1,138,000.

The reality is little Jackie Canfield from Wheeling West Virginia, whose dad used to make $8,000 a year and then I made $8,000 a year. Now, I’ve had years where I made $8 million a year. I know it works if you work it. I’ll tell you another story. There was a story in some magazine I read about a guy in Florida. He was obsessed that the alligator was going to bite him and kill him. He lived near the Okefenokee Swamp, but it was blocks and blocks away from us. One day, this alligator climbed out of the swamp. It went about six blocks in his backyard and bit his leg off. I thought that is ridiculous but it shows how powerful our attraction is when we visualize.

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Let me say one last thing about your question. It’s not just gurus, yogis and celebrities that get it, but why more of them do is because of what we call vibration. The Law of Attraction says you have to be a vibrational match for what you want. What does that mean? Vibration is your emotional state. When you’re in an emotion of joy, love, appreciation and gratitude, you’re going to be more powerfully attracting things that will continue to create that.

You’re in a state of anger, resentment, fear and attachment, which is fear-based. You’re attached because you’re afraid if you lose it somehow, you won’t be able to replace it. What happens is you then are going to not be in high vibration and people who are yogis and gurus and people like Jim Carrey, who meditates every day. He does TM meditation. You may remember he wrote a check to himself for $10 million and then he manifested it. Why? Because he was in a high vibration. He truly believed it was possible.

You have to work on removing your limiting beliefs and doubt, forgiving people, letting go of resentments, letting go of anger, letting go of fear and replacing that with love, certainty and joy. That takes work, intention and discipline. If you do that, then you find yourself in that same high vibration and you’re going to attract things quicker, which is why we see what we’re calling gurus, yogis and celebrities doing it more often than people who are not.

It’s so good to hear it. Even if we know it, it’s always good to hear this pure direct knowledge, even if you know it at your core and even if you practice it. Those who are the rookie of meditation or whatnot and they have so many questions about the Law of Attraction have to realize that it is innate within them. Listening to someone like you or reading your books or going to your events are the step of action that they need to take. They cannot sit and meditate and do nothing.

I believe that action is the most important prayer in the world. If you sit your derriere down on your floor for hours and hours, it’s not going to do anything. It might create a Band-Aid, but you need to take action. You need to listen to Jack and get your butt off the couch and get things in motion. That’s how you get to the Law of Attraction by moving in the direction of your dreams.

One of my friends you probably know is John Assaraf. He was in The Secret as well. He has a thing he calls the Law of GOYA. He says it’s the Law of Get Off Your Ass. You’ve got to take action. When you think about it, the last six letters in attraction are ACTION. The last six letters in the word satisfaction are ACTION. The word satisfaction comes from the Latin satis which means enough. Enough action produces satisfaction.

We need to visualize and affirm. We need to believe it’s possible. We need to plan. We need to have vision boards and do all that stuff, but then you get inspiration to act. That’s why we said you don’t have to know the how, just the what. What happens is when you do these exercises and you do the meditation and the visualizations, you’ll start to get inspiration to act. When you get those inspirations, you must act on them.

What Joe Vitale wrote about in a book, which I loved, is that every inspiration you get comes with a vortex of energy like a little cyclone. Cyclones and tornadoes move through. We had one in the Midwest and it went 75 miles. It destroyed a lot of houses. When you get this inspiration to write that book, make that call, develop that product or whatever, it comes with this vortex of right timing and therefore, you must do it as soon as possible. Mel Robbins wrote a book called The 5 Second Rule where you take action immediately toward that which you’re inspired to act on.

I’m processing it because it goes to different levels for me. It was intuitive where it’s like, “There are different levels to this.” Now, I’m getting into the vibration of what you’re transmitting. Jack transmits transmission. He doesn’t just start. There’s a vibrational transmission that is from his heart consciousness to yours. That’s why you need to listen to Jack.

TME 11 Jack | The Success Principles
The Success Principles: The law of attraction is a universal law, it works for everybody. The problem is, what are you attracting?

That’s what it is. You’re this vibration of gratitude and love. Your expansion is so beautiful that I want to take a bigger breath. I’m not even around you physically, but it doesn’t matter because we’re remote. We’re here on Zoom, yet it’s like you’re right here with me and it’s too bad I can’t grab you and give you a big hug in a French way with the French thing and everything. Talking about meditation, I want to give a shout-out to the founder and creator of BrainTap. They are also a great collaborator with my business. Dr. Porter founded and created this technology BrainTap. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, Jack.

I have. I own it.

He is a sponsor for Mystical Maverickss show. I’m very excited to have them part of this mission. You already have it and I actually wanted to gift this one to you but you already have it. This is the set. What I love about BrainTap is that everybody can use it, from 5 years old to 100 years old. What it does is it mimics nature. It unlocks the power of your brain. It facilitates so many things like sleep better and everything in between. If you’re an entrepreneur, focus, and elevate your mind.

All of these things are with BrainTap and I encourage everyone to start digging into the power. The technology of BrainTap is very powerful. I use it and my tribe uses it as well. I encourage everybody to look at that. You use it yourself, I can’t believe it. I’m talking about decision-making now in business and it comes to intuition, which I call biztuition. Can you relate to that? Do you use your intuition in your business as far as making a decision?

Yes, I do every day. I use it to decide who I work with, what I will do, when I will take action, when I have to hold back, what projects to pursue, when not to pursue them, what stocks to buy, and what cryptocurrencies to trade and so forth. My stock advisor told me not to buy Apple stock when I wanted to. I bought way more than he ever wanted me to and then it exploded. It did well. It’s the basis of my stock portfolio.

I trust my intuition. I go inside every day. I meditate every day, sometimes 20 minutes or sometimes an hour. I will usually ask a question related to what’s going on. What am I supposed to do here? How can I get along better with my sister? Should I hire this person? This person is not doing well. What would be the best way to approach them? Do I need to be confrontive? Do I need to be more nurturing? I always get an answer.

When the pandemic hit, I asked, “What do we do?” Two things were interesting. One is we switched all our courses to virtual courses online. The other thing was I got involved with Young Living Essential Oils, which is a multilevel marketing company. Why did I do that? Because I had twelve staff that I didn’t want to fire. I figured if we all got in there together and they all started making a couple extra thousand a month, I wouldn’t have to fire anybody. That worked out well. I never would have done that if it hadn’t been for my intuition telling me to do that. It helped us survive as a company for the first year of the pandemic.

That’s an incredible statement. At the end of the day, I survived because of intuition. I was surviving because of it. To me, it’s the most powerful survival scale anyone can learn and they have it within them.

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Yes, everybody does. We’re not taught to use it though.

We’re not taught to use it at school or anywhere. Now, you’re teaching it and hopefully, more will teach it. It’s one of those skills that is so powerful. I like to bring the awareness of infobesity epidemic in business. This overload of information, data and technology. This opposite of the peace of mind as an entrepreneur. You talked about meditation, but do you see that it’s expanding tremendously this infobesity, this silent business disease or is this something that you don’t pay attention to because you’re already at peace anyway?

I think there is an overload of information. There’s so much data and knowledge that is exploding every day. There is just more and more. With artificial intelligence and computers crunching it all, there’s more happening. If you read the news every day, you’d go crazy. There’s so much stuff out there to know. I subscribed to about five different magazines. I read a number of things.

What I said is wisdom is more important than knowledge. We need knowledge. Our intuition needs to be informed. If you have no knowledge, your intuition doesn’t have as much data to work with. When you want real-world data down here and you want to be tapped into the source, energy, God, infinite intelligence or however you hold that. It’s that dynamic between the two. The Jewish mystics who teach Kabbalah talk about one side of the brain is knowledge and information and the other side is wisdom. They go together. They have to act together.

For me, you have to limit how much information. I’ve read 3,000 books, but the majority of what I know that’s valuable has come from my experience of interacting with people in seminars, in coaching and my relationships with my family and my friends, and what I’ve tapped into through my meditation. Tim Ferriss who’s a friend of mine. I coached him when he wrote his book The 4-Hour Work Week. He writes about taking a digital detox. Just like we need to detox our body every once in a while, we need to detox our brain from all this overload of information because information alone is not going to get you where you want to go. It’s the information used with wisdom that comes from the internal side. You want that balance of the two

I selfishly wanted all this for me. Being so giving, I’m having a spiritual orgasm. I said it. What is your definition of enlightenment?

To me, enlightenment is being awake and aware. There are levels of that. Some people are awake and aware. They know more than the average bear. There are those people who were fully awakened, whether it was Jesus or Buddha or Babaji or Sai Baba. There are a number of avatars that have walked on earth. Some of which we’ve heard of. Some of which we never will because they were fairly private. The point is that we all have the capacity to achieve greater enlightenment. The word guru means to go from gu, darkness to ru, light. Anyone who takes you from darkness to light enlightens you. We all have that capacity. I think that having teachers and practices is valuable.

One of my friends was a student of a guru in India who died. The guy who took over and said he’s going to come back on this date, which was about a month ago. He’s going to talk to everybody so make sure you’re meditating at 6:30 in the morning on whatever date that was. My friend Paul Scheele is the guy who has told me this. He is a very bright guy. I’m sitting there meditating and waiting. He shows up in my consciousness and he says, “Just keep doing the practices.” That was the whole message.

TME 11 Jack | The Success Principles
The Success Principles: A system is like a combination to a lock. If you know the combination, you have the right numbers in the right order. If you have all the numbers in the wrong order, it won’t work. Missing one number? Won’t work.

It’s the practices that get you there. The practices of meditation, sending out love, focusing on the positive and being grateful. Everyone talks about gratitude exercises and appreciation. These are all the highest vibrations. Even now, the positive psychology movement, which is much more mainstream and less spiritual in nature and taught in universities all over the world right now talks about gratitude, appreciation and love.

They have these love exercises where you close your eyes and visualize sending love to somebody and doing things you love. We talked about that as well so it raises your vibration, but those practices, forgiveness and so forth. In the opening little mantra that you did, you talked about love for all beings. I forget the exact words you said, but it included that. We want all beings to live without suffering. When you do those practices, that’s what takes you to enlightenment.

Your heart is so pure, Jack. You are a magical mystical being wow. Talking about being a guru, the one who removes the darkness. That’s what you are to millions. It’s a privilege for me to have this conversation with you.

I’m glad you’re recording this. The next time my wife gets mad at me, I’m going to show her this.

If anybody gets mad at you, show this little two-second clip and it’ll be over. No more fighting. Talking about alignment, you have 67 principles, keys or lessons in The Success Principles book. If God would come to you and say, “Jack, you can only use one principle. Only one you can keep. Which one would that be?”

Let me ask you this, Oma. If God came to you and said, “You could only keep one organ in your body, which one would you keep?”

It’s impossible. It will be the heart. It wouldn’t be the brain to me.

You would still die because there would be no oxygen in your lungs and all that. The reason I ask you that is that I don’t think there’s only one principle that you can play with. I think it’s a system and I teach a system. I’ll go through this faster than anyone can memorize. The point being is you have to take 100% responsibility and clarify your life purpose. Why are you here? Create a vision for the fulfillment of that. Turn that into specific measurable goals. Believe it’s possible. Create a plan. Get an accountability partner or a mastermind group who will hold you accountable for taking the actions you need to do, then take the actions every day. One of those is asking for support from a higher power. We talked about that through meditation from other people which is out on this level.

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Rejection, because you will get rejected. Chicken Soup was turned down 144 times before we find a publisher for Chicken Soup for the Soul. Howard Schultz who started Starbucks was turned down 217 times by banks before he got the investment capital to start Starbucks. He’s now worth $3 billion. You’ve got to respond to feedback because all action doesn’t work. Persevere, never give up, and then be grateful for what you achieve in the end.

That’s a system. A system is like a combination to a lock. If you know the combination, you have the right numbers in the right order. If you have all the numbers in the wrong order, it won’t work. If you’re missing one number, it won’t work. If you have all the numbers in the right order, I don’t care if you went to grade school, high school, college, Black, White, young, old, live in Paris, France or Paris, Texas, it’s all going to work. That’s why I teach a system.

I appreciate that so much. The way you took it like, “I got you.” I would never ask that again. I have a heart but I will die. Forget about it. I need the 67 principles, which one of them is don’t complain, correct?

Yes. You don’t need all 67 but you need about fifteen of them. The rest of the book are nuances but they’re useful like keep your agreements, inquire within, which is the meditation part, and turn your inner critic into an inner coach. There are all kinds of things that are helpful. Those that I mentioned are the core that you have to have.

A system to unlock your divine full potential. There is finally a system that’s simple enough for us to understand. What’s the next big bang in Jack’s mystical universe?

I’m writing four books right now. I hope those will all be useful. As far as people getting involved with me in the near future, they can go to Everything that I’m going to talk about is there. We’re doing a virtual Breakthrough To Success weekend. It’s Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 8th to 10th, which is an amazing workshop. What I love about the pandemic is it’s forced us to go virtual. The last one we did, we had hundreds of people from 41 countries. That’s a powerful workshop. In March, we’re doing a series of free webinars that are leading up to that where we’ll be teaching you things. Get on our website and get on our mailing list.

Also, we do limiting beliefs calls. Every quarter, I do a call where I take people through an hour-long process to identify a subconscious limiting belief. You don’t even know you have it and release it and replace it with a positive and empowering belief. We have coaching programs. We have our online Breakthrough to Success, our Train The Trainer online program to become a Certified Canfield Success Principles trainer, which makes you a better business leader, manager, coach, parent and spouse.

We now have people in 117 countries that are teaching this work and I would love to have you join us. If you’re watching this and become one of those trainers, all the things we’ve been talking about you’ll not only understand and be able to apply them in your life at a much deeper level, but you’ll also be able to teach it to other people. You’ll become part of that ripple going out of that conscious evolution of enlightenment that we talked about.

TME 11 Jack | The Success Principles
The Success Principles: You have to take 100% responsibility, clarify your life purpose, create a vision for the fulfillment of that, turn that into specific measurable goals, believe it’s possible, create a plan, get an accountability partner, then, take action every day.

Jack asks you to do this simple awareness step of action. Be a part of something bigger, magical and mystical. Be part of Jack’s tribe. Be part of something that beautiful not just for the learning things and the skills, but can you imagine being part of Jack’s field of consciousness where you’re in swimming with it and you’ll be a ripple of that consciousness, a ripple of that bliss. That’s huge. You don’t even have to do anything. You just be there and be part of the flow. That alone is incredible. You don’t have to do anything.

To sit there alone, you absorb, and then you’ll be able to share it and duplicate it with others. That’s bliss. That’s the incredible enlightenment that comes with it. Jack, it was divine and so much thankfulness and gratitude for your presence and to enrich us with your enlightenment, light and wisdom. Your direct knowledge beyond the books. There are the books and there’s beyond the books, Jack. Thank you for being here with us. I very much appreciate it.

You’re welcome. Thank you.

I hope you enjoyed this conversation as much as I did. I feel privileged and honored to have spent time with Jack. This is someone who has been through so many challenges. We’re able to use the Law of Attraction and all the principles that he teaches and shares. He’s done it and it is making such an impact in the world. To have him for an hour or so of his life was very enlightening. It was such a beautiful state of consciousness, peace and joy. I felt free and joyful to be in the expression as we are and show up as we are. He is so genuine. I think I mentioned in the show how genuine he is just showing up as he is.

The highlights of the conversation with Jack are a couple of things. When you spoke about the Law of Attraction, he mentioned to act as if. What does that mean? I want you to take a moment and sit with that. Act as if you already have that thing that you desire. If you feel in the vibration of the things that you already have, there is no more lack.

He speaks about vibration. He doesn’t speak about the Law of Attraction meaning to get the material things. He speaks about you changing your vibration and elevating your vibration so you are the magnet of the things that you want and desire. There’s more to it, but also the burning desire. That step of action ignites your burning desire. When I came here, I had nothing. I didn’t even speak English, but I had one thing for sure. I had less than nothing if you think about it, but I had the burning desire. That’s how I survived on this.

My fuel was the burning desire to accomplish and to become. I didn’t know anything about anything, but I had this burning desire so I kept on taking action. That’s what he’s talking about. The first thing is to take action and we can meditate all day long, but that’s not going to do anything if we don’t take action. That’s what the show was all about. It’s taking those action steps to get into this vibrational mode and frequency so you become a magnet.

What great wisdom and tip for everyone because it’s innate to everyone. We can all do it. He also speaks about it being innate to all of us. It’s not just the gurus and the famous people that can get great things, and be happy and fulfilled in their life. It’s up to all of us. In his The Principle of Success, it’s a system to unlock that which is already within you. To go within to win.

One thing that I love about what he teaches us is this. If you get clear on what, the how we’ll be taken care of. How powerful is that? A lot of times, we’re conditioned to think the other way around. If we know the how, we’ll get to the what and then we’ll get what we want, but that’s not true. I experienced that in my life. I know this for sure.

Information and knowledge are great, but wisdom from your own experience is what we need to apply. We can learn the books over and over again, but we have to apply the wisdom that we can unlock because we are the vessel of that wisdom. You can unlock your universal power within yourself to go with it to win. That’s why we call the show, Mystical Maverickss because this is our innate power. We’re wired to be able to live fulfilled lives and joyful with activating peace and happiness not just for us but for others as well.

Act as if you already have it. Get clear on the what, and the how will show up. Thirdly, wisdom is more important than knowledge. Direct wisdom is more important than the things that we learn and intellectually the brain learns. There are two aspects of things. We want to make sure we develop the wisdom within ourselves as cosmic beings and then the spiritual being having a human experience. We want both. We want the wisdom or this universal power combined with the things that you learn intellectually. It has to be both to access this great divine’s full potential. I hope you enjoy this show as much as I did. I send you lots of love, peace and à bientôt, my friends. Thank you so much for being here with me.

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