The Miracle Mentality: The Secret To Fulfillment Uncovered With Oprah Winfrey’s Soulful Friend, Tim Storey

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TME 18 | Secret To Fulfillment

The secret to fulfillment lies within. It’s not something that we seek from an outside source because we are the source. In this soul-enriching episode, we unravel profound wisdom with Tim Storey, a globally renowned speaker and author dedicated to transforming lives. From his travels to 78 countries to empowering individuals at both peaks and valleys, Tim unveils the Miracle Mentality residing in each of us. This episode explores the power of embracing uniqueness, finding your rhythm, and aligning with your life’s assignment. Tim shares insights into the importance of silence, the role of intuition, and the significance of being fully present. The conversation transcends typical self-help narratives, touching on authenticity, artistic expression, and the magic of letting go. Tim’s journey, from an early realization of a Miracle Mentality to transformative moments, inspires listeners to reflect on their divine blueprints. Dive into this extraordinary episode and discover the secret to living a life of purpose and true fulfillment.

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The Miracle Mentality: The Secret To Fulfillment Uncovered With Oprah Winfrey’s Soulful Friend, Tim Storey

We are delighted and blessed to have such an incredible divine being with us. We’re going to be with Tim Storey. Heres a little bit about Tim. Credited for enhancing the lives of millions, he has traveled to 78 countries helping people visualize and realize the best version of themselves whether they are at a high point in their lives or experiencing their lowest valley.

He has empowered people all over the world to discover The Miracle Mentality, which is his new book that I highly recommend. He enables them to turn their setbacks into comebacks. Through his several best-selling books, presentations, and strategy sessions, his mission is to bring forth to light all of the possibilities that are too often blocked by fear or hidden by one’s limited viewpoint. Welcome, Tim Storey, my friend. Thank you so much for being here with us.

I have no filters. Let me say this because I’m not from here. I don’t know much about you, and I don’t apologize for that. I am not from this country. I go by presence, and your presence is so divine and so holy that it is wisdom within itself by you being here with us in this show. I know you’re very successful, and you empower billions of people. Talking about this divine presence, along the way or in your background, what was instrumental for you to unlock this divine purpose that now you are helping so many people?

Number one, thank you for saying this. When I was little, I had what I called a Miracle Mentality. A miracle is something supernatural, extraordinary, and uncommon. Even as a young person, the first time I saw Disneyland, my imagination went beyond. The first time I saw certain types of musicals or heard different music, my mind always went beyond. I knew that I was not supposed to be common, normal, and ordinary. I felt that at a very early age.

You give me the chills. It could be possible that we‘re all born perhaps with this divine blueprint.

I do believe that all people are born with a divine blueprint. There’s a saying, “You have been born an original. Make sure that you don’t remain a copy.” What happens to many people is they have originality about them. They’re shy, quiet, or introspective. The more I study documentaries and read books, I find that some of the most fascinating people are like this but it’s very important when you realize that you have something different. I say this about your calling. Your calling is specific and always unique. When you identify your uniqueness, it’s important that you guard your uniqueness. You must guard it.

You have been born an original. Make sure that you don't remain a copy. You must guard your uniqueness. Click To Tweet

God’s gift is this protection or protecting this gift, inner talent, or inner voice that guides you along the way. However, its so easy to tell people, “Listen to the guidance. You are intuitive. You have to listen to intuition,” but the question I got the most is, “How? Show me the way. How do I tap in?

My answer to that is that if you think about it, whenever we are in true silence, our dream has a voice. Let me take you as a young girl. When you were 7, 8, or 9 years of age, what were you thinking of even becoming?


Did you think, “I want to be a ballet dancer. I want to be a painter?” What was going through?

I’m a little different because I didn’t think. I was sitting in meditation knowing that was going to happen. I was doing it already in the present moment because I dream. I didn’t do anything. I was dreaming all the time.

To me, you were advanced. What happens is that when a person gets into a place of quiet or what I call the holy ground, it is at that time when you become in alignment with your assignment because your assignment, in my opinion, has already been spoken in the universe, “I need to become aligned to my assignment.” When people learn this, it can change their lives.

It’s extraordinary. Wisdom, beauty, and this holy ground that you speak about and that you know are not from books. How can you direct people to this direct knowledge? We can read all we want. We can go to the teachers and the masters, and then go to the Himalayas with the blessings, the meditation, and whatnot. It is beautiful but there is a disconnect because, at one point, you have to turn it off. You have to be here now.

It’s very important to first understand that as a young person, I was raised in a Christian Church. I see things in a way where I do believe that there is an awesome God who created the world but if someone sees it differently, I don’t have a challenge with any of this. That’s how they see things or maybe how they have experienced things but I do believe that you and I have a direct connection with our creator. If that is so, what a beautiful thing.

There’s a Bible verse that says, “If you will draw near to Me,” meaning God, “I will continue to draw near to you and unfold My presence.” This happened to me when I was very little. I started to draw near to God, and He began to unfold his presence into my life, giving me an unusual peace, an unusual presence, and an unusual security and safety that I felt but, in this case, from my perspective, it was me drawing closer to Him and Him continuing to draw closer to me to unfold. When you get emotional about this, tell me why you feel emotional.

It’s the most important. People want success, money, and all these things. I don’t understand. It’s so obvious to me. The background is divine. Peace is already here within. It’s so obvious for you and me. Billions of people that we’re trying to help with you at your level and me at my level are lost. I truly feel and know from birth that the worst type of suffering is to be disconnected from the source or what we are. That’s why.

I understand your passion because if you go back to the 1930s and 1940s, things were a lot simpler. Few people had automobiles or cars even when they first came out. Few people were flying in airplanes until much later in life. There was a rhythm of life. Many people in mankind, and many times because of their misalignment and also because of their motives that are not correct, have spoken something into the world, “This is the way the world should be. The world should be at a certain pace. If you’re not at this pace, you’re missing something,” but we were never intended to live this way.

As human beings, we were intended to be fully present and feel fully alive. The Buddhists say this. The Christians say this. The Jewish faith says this. We need to be fully present, fully feeling, and fully alive. This is what you sense from me, and this is what I sense from you. I am truly in this moment. I’m not anywhere else.

This is the miracle. This is living in this paradise on Earth. This is heaven on earth. This is within and without. There is no explanation or understanding about it. I respect you tremendously because you have a way to deal with the mentality and obstacles in people’s lives. You have a bridge between here and heaven. You’re a bridge because God is here with you, and you are that. This is why it’s not an emotion for me. When I touch someone, it’s pure. You are pure and holy.

Thank you for this. When I was little, I saw a lot of things that I did not understand. That would be my mother and father not getting along, my father struggling with alcohol addiction, and my mother being a very loving but angry and tough lady. Instead of feeling sorry for myself and blaming anyone, I said to myself, “There must be another way. I need to find my rhythm.”

You needed to find your rhythm. We have to find our rhythm. It is not an option. We have options in food and technology but this is not an option.

When a person is out of rhythm, there are only times that they realize it because it’s almost like being in a car that is not fine-tuned but you think it’s fine-tuned because you don’t know that much about cars. If somebody who works with cars gets in your car, they will say, “You have a certain sound. Something is wrong. It’s a little bit sluggish. It’s not moving fluidly.” What we have become as people is we diagnose ourselves and say, “I’m okay.” Many times, you are not okay.

The accident happened. It’s the divine intervention. We end up in the hospital with a coma. Hopefully, it is what God has planned for you. God has planned for you, Tim, that you help billions of people. I don’t think you try hard. You worked hard in your skills as a human person but who you are wasn’t locked from the beginning and you were upgraded to do what you do. I don’t think it’s like, “I‘m going to put a program on top of my program. I want to be a superstar motivational speaker, and then they repeat them in the mantra.” It’s something that God planned for you. You simply said, “I let go and let God.

Thank you for seeing that. That’s why many times when I’m going to speak at a big conference, I remember this particular one because I speak on all sides. It could be 30 people or 18 people but they can be very large. This one was 14,000 people. It was in Las Vegas. They had several of what we would consider well-known speakers. They had two men before me. I noticed that before they spoke, they were pacing the ground. They were getting into their focus, and I smiled.

Before I was going to speak, my friend had come with two of his small children. He said, “They see you as Uncle Tim. Can they see you? I know you’re about to speak.” One of them is only three years of age. She was saying, “Look what I got. This is my new toy.” I was playing with her, talking to the boy, and talking to my friend. The people at the conference said to me, “Do you realize you’re about to have to go up there in three minutes?” I said, “I’m okay.”

One of the organizers came and said, “Is he okay? The last time I saw him, he was so dynamic on stage.” I was joking with the kids and my friend. The man came up to me and handed me the microphone. He was nervous because he was part of the conference. He said, “Do you feel like you have it?” I went, “What?” He says, “Why don’t you say anything?” I said, “I have it.” When I went on that stage, magic hit that place. People were laughing, crying, standing, and cheering because I did not have to prepare myself for those backstage moments. I just needed to release myself at the proper time.

I’m going to crack the code a little bit because because you are so prepared. The attunement is done. You don’t have to go into this intellect. You‘re this instrument. Why on Earth do we have to put this mind at play when we know that it is not happening there?

Let me ask you this because of the way you move. Have you been a performer? Are you a performer? Did you dance? Did you act?

I do all of this. When I was five years old, I picked up a guitar. I played guitar. What I knew was that something happened at birth. I can’t say it because there are no words. The eyes were blind, and this opened up. I can’t say. God spoke to me and said this and that. Never in my life, I think. I listen and move. I do not answer and I do not question. This is the reason. I say, “God puts you in front of me.” I don’t have to research you. It’s already done. It is not about me.

It’s interesting. A lot of people whom God has blessed with an artistic manner know how to find the alignment with God quickly. A lot of people who reason in the mind almost think they’re way out of magical living. I can see this with you from the disciplines of music, dancing, acting, or being on stage. You are exactly right with me. I study as much as 30 hours for a 1-hour talk because I love to study. I was up early. I studied for two and a half hours on a subject that I’m not even speaking on. I’m just interested. I have my notes when I’m going to speak. I’m very comfortable in any stage of any size because it’s going to come out.

TME 18 | Secret To Fulfillment
Secret To Fulfillment: A lot of people whom God has blessed with an artistic manner know how to find alignment with God quickly.

It is through you and the self because you have self-realized and you are self-actualized. It doesn’t matter because there is no audience. 1 person, 1,000, or 5,000 is 1. You’re speaking to yourself.

I am only a part of what is going on in this world but I’m a very important part of the puzzle. It’s exactly what you are as well. It’s like when you have a puzzle that’s not so advanced, and you are missing a key piece. You’re like, “Where’s that piece of the puzzle? Did I drop it on the floor? Is it still in the box?” I am the piece of the puzzle in many people’s lives.

You’re the key to higher consciousness. This purpose of yours is amazing. Be careful because you have to go. There is no higher ground. The happiness that you and I are living moment by moment without desiring anything is the ultimate desire if there is a desire. The desire for freedom is the fire. It’s God within. Sometimes I‘m going to explode because I walk on the street and grab people. My guitar starts singing. I can’t hold it, and this body cannot hold it. This is why I’m a little crazy. I do many things to help people.

Can I say this about you? Deepak Chopra said, “I would rather be with someone who’s borderline a little bit much and too far out there than be with someone boring, normal, and common.” I love people who play very close to the edge. Some of our greatest actors, writers, sculptors, and thought leaders play close to the edge. This is God’s call on your life.

If you don’t have my book, The Miracle Mentality, I would like to send it to you. If you reach out to my office, give us your address. You have a Miracle Mentality. God is going to continue to do beautiful and wonderful things in and through you. You know this already but you have a gift of healing. You have your spoken words but also, God is going to give you the understanding of people and where they’re hurting. You’re going to speak healing over their lives.

God is going to continue to do beautiful and wonderful things in and through you. Click To Tweet

You asked me why I cried. It’s not up to me. I listen. I don’t do anything. I am not the door in this life. We don’t have time. From dying three times and coming back from all this interruption, it’s always been on purpose.

For my followers, how do they find more of where you are? Is there a website or Instagram? What’s the best way to connect with you? Is it through Facebook or Instagram?

On social media, it’s Mystical Mavericks. I have a community, Mystical Mavericks, on Facebook. On Instagram, I’m @OmaMystical. You can find me. If God wants to find you somewhere and find somebody for you, it happens. How can we find you? What is your next adventure?

The adventure I’m having now is I’m enjoying talking to you.

You have no idea. I don’t have words for it.

I’m in the moment of living. I enjoy everyday living. I’m unfolding. I’m very excited about what God is doing to me next. Let’s see how it unfolds. I’m open to it.

I will be protecting this for you as well. I don’t have words. There are no words. I love you. That’s all it is. There’s nothing else to say after this. You are beauty, wisdom, holiness, and a self-guru god. That’s it.

Thank you. My new book is The Miracle Mentality. People can find it wherever books are. I’m thankful for you and the place that you are in your life. You’re in a good place of helping, healing, and restoring. I see that.

TME 18 | Secret To Fulfillment
The Miracle Mentality

Bless your beautiful heart. God must have kissed you on those cheeks.

I thank my mother a lot for giving birth to me.

Can you imagine the instrument that you feel every day? I will be here.

It’s nice to see you. Thank you for this great conversation.

Thank you so much. I love you.

I trust that you have felt the connection with Tim Storey in this unfolding of wisdom, beauty, and holiness. It was difficult to hold it because when you are with someone who has awakened from the mind and who has self-realized and self-actualized, someone like Tim is very beautiful. The presence itself is the teaching. What else has to be said when it comes to empowering others through his eyes? It is to have a devotion higher than yourself. It is to have found the missing key of your puzzle and the rhythm of your unique self.

It is when you find out what you are made of. The divine blueprint is the puzzle but each one of us has to want to go there. One has to transcend this mind. One has to want to shift from the beliefs, conditions, and programming. One has to feel it, “This is my time. This is why I am here.” To find out your purpose and life happiness, that has to do with you alone. You start to listen to this silence that is the background of your life. When you drop into this silence, you let this grace. It’s almost like a silk wrap. It comes and wraps you. You feel this peace in the silence.

This is very important because the mind will tell you otherwise but God is here all along within you and without. It is what it is. It’s difficult to put it in the mind or to try with the intellect to do something about it, go in a certain direction about it, and even learn about it. It is about you dropping all, surrendering, and letting go. Let it go so that you can be here now.

If you paid attention to this interview, which is not an interview, this is more of a divine intervention unfolding into this conversation and being in a moment with someone like this, high in vibration. I don’t know what to say. I don’t have words. The truth has no words. All I’m saying to you is please pay attention when you read this exchange or this connection that happened with Tim. Be there with us, unify, and know that you are not separated from that conversation. There is no such thing as separation. It’s the worst type of suffering.

That’s why I get emotional when I talk about this because I know it. I know for sure. I had no fears or doubts. It left nothing. Even if you’re not conscious about it, it’s underneath. It feeds you negativity. Even if you’re not conscious about it, something about it keeps the vibration on the lower ground, and you have to raise your consciousness but you have to desire this silence, which is what you are in the first place. This is when you get directed guidance.

It doesn’t come from, “I am going to go to therapy. I‘m going to do this and that.” Do it all. It serves you but the main ingredient for you to access what you are is to be in silence, turn everything off, surrender, and sit on this holy ground. It is here always for you. It has never left you. You start thinking so much that you forget about it. When you ask me and Tim, “What is my purpose? I‘m lost,” it’s very difficult because depression is in the mind. It’s difficult because I cannot tell you, “It’s easy. Sit down. Meditate.” I cannot tell you this because I was there before. I know what it feels like to be depressed.

It’s the opposite of God. However, God is in their depression too because every time you go to a phase in your life, it’s still a guidance. You are still being guided. You have to say, “I am in this time in my life. I feel all of this. Instead of victimizing myself, how can I use this depression as a tool to open up this tunnel or this alignment to God?” Let it open up so you can free yourself from doubts, fears, and beliefs. You’re not here to suffer in this life. You’re here to express and be the expression of that happiness, beauty, love, nature, God, and self. You are that.

I encourage all of you to be more tuned in, be more self-aware, and practice self-awareness. There’s all of this drama in my life. Everybody has all these things but instead of identifying with those things, why not come back to you and ask yourself, “What am I?” Sit down. Relax. Close your eyes if you would like to close your eyes. Its easier but it’s not forcing, “I‘m going to set a mantra. I‘m going to meditate.” It’s about being here now with no effort. Each time you start making an effort, you start thinking of a process and then lose this silence or this natural beauty that is here because here and now, there is no lack. It’s all here for you. I know it.

You are blessed. We are blessed to be here exploring and investigating this happiness and this freedom. Know that you are already free. Feel it. With that, my beauties, I send you love, light, and wisdom. I know that we will see each other again because we’re always together. I love you. I will see you very soon. Make sure you go to the Facebook group, Mystical Mavericks. I would love to see you there. You can come to @OmaMystical. That’s the Instagram you can enter. We also have a contest although this is happening in the Mystical Mavericks community. With that, be safe. Be blessed.


Important Links

About Tim Storey

TME 18 | Secret To FulfillmentThe Lead Storey

Tim Storey is an acclaimed pop-culture thought-leader, author, speaker, “life strategist” and counselor. Credited for enhancing the lives of millions, he has traveled to 75 countries helping people visualize and realize the best version of themselves, whether they are at a high point in their lives or experiencing their lowest valley.

He has brought to people all over the world a new “Miracle Mentality” and enabled them to turn their “Setbacks into Comebacks.” Through his several best-selling books (see list of “Storey books” below and at this link), presentations and strategy sessions, his mission is to bring to light all of the possibilities that are too often blocked by fear or hidden by one’s limited viewpoint.

Whether one-on-one or in groups of more than 20,000, he is able to connect on a personal level with people of all walks of life, from entertainment executives, celebrities, and professional athletes to adults and children in neighborhoods throughout America and in the most deprived and war-torn regions of the world.

Tim is a regular guest and commentator on national television, having been interviewed by Oprah Winfrey, Steve Harvey, the “TODAY” SHOW, Good Morning America, CNN, Fox News and featured in People Magazine, Huffington Post, Hype Magazine and more. He will soon cohost a podcast called “Never Alone” with international mindfulness guru Deepak Chopra.

He has helped hundreds of high-profile individuals manage, battle, and often overcome – all kinds of personal struggles involving addiction, depression, relationships and more. Examples of well-known individuals who have attended Tim’s sessions include Christina Hall, Charlie Sheen, Kanye West, Charlton Heston, Robert Downey Jr., and Vidal Sassoon.

Tim is currently the inspirational face of Reach TV as the host of “The Daily Moment,” a series of segments seen in 90 airports and thousands of hotel rooms across the country, offering travelers (and millions of streaming viewers) a road map to personal inspiration.

The Humanitarian Storey

In May of 2022, Tim traveled to Bulgaria, where he donated and arranged to have 100,000 copies of his book, “Comeback and Beyond,” translated to Russian so refugees could access the content and helped facilitate the refugee migration into the area. He was featured on local talk shows during which he offered advice to help them re-orient to a new life and situation.

He traveled to Estonia in July 2022, where he worked with Mind Valley University to speak with children and youth about the Miracle Mentality and will return to Bulgaria in September 2022 to continue his work in partnership with the Bulgarian government and non-government organizations serving the refugee community.

Working with the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC), Tim – in partnership with HarperCollins and Jean Paul DeJoria (of Paul Mitchell fame), and others – is bringing the Miracle Mentality to inmates, helping them come back from their setback and providing them with the tools they need to reenter society.

He was recently selected as the in-house mental health coach for XSET, the world’s fastest growing gaming and lifestyle organization.

Additional humanitarian outreach includes partnerships with organizations such as the Fred Jordan Mission in Los Angeles’ Skid Row, Music Unites in Los Angeles’ Compton schools, Kasem Cares, and Kid‘s Haven Orphanage in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Personal Storey

The youngest of five children, Tim grew up with his family in Compton, California, where he faced and overcame multiple tragedies, challenges and obstacles, ultimately shaping his mindset and his future.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Vanguard University and an honorary doctorate from Bethany Theological Seminary.

Storey Books

  • The Miracle Mentality: Tap into the Source of Magical Transformation in Your Life, HarperCollins; Harper Horizons (March 2, 2021)
  • Comeback & Beyond: How to Turn Your Setback into Your Comeback, Harrison House (June 21, 2010)
  • Utmost Living: Creating and Savoring Your Best Life Now, Harmony (April 29, 2008)
  • Good Idea or God Idea? 10 Proven Principles to Order Your Steps, Chart Your Course & Get You to Your Destination, Creation House (January 1, 1994)
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