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Mystical Mavericks | Mark Victor Hansen | Crystal Hansen | Ask

The simple act of asking can be a powerful catalyst for transformation and fulfillment. And there is absolutely no reason why you can’t or shouldn’t be doing it. Join us on a remarkable journey as we sit down with the most famous couple in personal development, Mark Victor Hansen and Crystal Hansen, to explore the profound impact of asking the right questions. Discover the wisdom behind their latest book, Ask: The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny.  Mark and Crystal share their personal stories of perseverance, resilience, and the unwavering belief in the potential that lies within each of us. Their journey is a testament to the incredible power of asking. Uncover the key principles of asking that can guide you to success, abundance, and a life of purpose. Explore the connection between asking and the manifestation of your dreams, and gain practical insights on how to incorporate this transformative practice into your daily life. This episode is not just a conversation; it’s an invitation to ask, seek, and step into your true potential. Get ready to embark on a path of self-discovery, empowerment, and unparalleled success. Tune in!

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Ask And You Shall Succeed: Your Personal Guide To Empowerment And Fulfillment With Mark Victor Hansen & Crystal Hansen

It’s such an honor to connect with the legend. We have on the show none other than Mark Victor Hansen accompanied by his lovely, beautiful wife. Her name is Crystal Hansen. You may not know it, but Mark and Crystal Hansen are probably a major part of your childhood. They are visionaries and authors in their own right.

Mark was the co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. They both co-wrote their newest book, Ask!: The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny. The Hansens are responsible for making millions of people feel more worthy and capable. Brace yourselves because you really need to anchor to this energy that is going to unlock your potential on this show. Welcome, my friends, Mark and Crystal. Welcome, beautiful life beings. Welcome to the show.

Welcome, to the mystical mavericks and the legends. Victor is one part of your name, right? It’s the victory.

I ran for student office and it was, “One with Mark, a victory with Hansen.” I believe in being victorious.

What a name. If somebody doesn’t believe in the universal alignment, I don’t know what is. You are in alignment with a soulmate whose name is Crystal. You tell me. You couldn’t make it up if you wanted to.

It’s so true. At the hospital, I was supposed to be Cristine. My mom held me and said, “We can’t name her Cristine. She has to be Crystal.” My dad said, “What?” She named me Crystal.

Physically, you know how the body can align with the soul. It is a lot of time if you have been an old soul like you both are. The alignment that the physical or the body suit, how it shapes with everything else, isn’t it incredible? It’s incredible. Look at her body suit.

She has a great body suit, but the body suit is made by the spirit suit. In other words, I believe that the spirit runs the mind which runs the body.

That’s what I meant. Thank you for confirming what many would look at or think, “This is a little weird.” Coming from that perspective and that thesis, let me ask you this. There are influential people like Bill Gates, both of you, and a very small list of the 1%. There is what you call the Aladdin factor or what they call the X factor or whatever. What is that common thread of the ultra-successful people? It’s that 1% or maybe even smaller than that. What is this spark in your own perspective and your own journey of self-realization, which you have realized?

Here’s the most important point I’ll make during this hour that we’re together. The inner self 100% controls the outer self. The inner self of me when I was bankrupt, upside down, despondent, disconsolate, and suicidal in 1974 that I’m going to grow up and become the world’s best-selling author. Everybody that heard that, and I didn’t say it, but they’d go “Get out here. You were in remedial reading from first grade to sixth grade and you’re going to become a world’s best-selling author? You got to be kidding. You’re going to marry a woman that is the wisest woman that you’ve ever experienced and she’s going to get you into straight-level flight. Those are impossible things.”

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I wrote 267 things I needed in my ideal wife. She was 267 out of 267, but I didn’t tell her until afterward because the law is law. You have to figure out what you want. I knew what I wanted in a perfect woman. 2) It’s got to be in writing, that spiritual law. It’s not Marky law. 3) You have to visualize it to realize it and see it inside so you can have it outside. Impress it so you can express it. 4) You have to have a mastermind or a dream team to get what you want. We’re the best dream team. People would say, “You guys are the most formidable couple ever.”

I have to take that in. To take that in, it takes a couple of breaths. A lot of the time, entrepreneurs are conditioned with body, forms, shapes, concepts, time, and mind. With what you’re talking about, isn’t it possible that it could be, and you’re the legend so you tell us, transcending the mind and perhaps beyond the mind?

I believe that the brain is the inventory. That’s what the school gave us, which is useful. The mind can do two things that nothing else can do mystically. 1) It can imagine, which imagination creates reality. 2) It can do intuition. She is the best in intuition. You have a soul, which you are a soul that has a body, not a body that has a soul. Our soul is connected to the bigger soul. The big soul is whatever you want to call it. It could be source, God, or infinite intelligence. We know for the first time ever scientifically that everything is connected to everything. She is a quantum physicist amongst others for awareness. I’ll let you answer that.

I study everything. Back to that, you were asking about the 1% and how people manifest all of these things and how you become that. What it is for people who are doing that and are staying on that path is because they are very much connected to and in touch with that desire inside of them that somehow intrinsically knows themselves at a deeper level. They have to keep pushing toward their own greatest expression because that’s what it is.

We’ve had a lot of success, but we’ve also had a lot of failures. It’s not like people who are in the 1% who are achieving things never have failures or never have setbacks. This is for everyone. Everybody can be the 1%. The 1% can become the 100% of all of us thriving because inside of us is the desire already seeded that beautiful, perfect, greatest expression of ourselves.

Ultimately, when we express that for people who have that success, they keep going back to that inner desire and that inner knowing of who they ultimately are in their best expression. They keep moving toward that, looking at all these things outside of them, and understanding, “Those things are outside of me. They’re not me. I need to get past them.” That’s the difference. Your guidepost is what you were given. That inner desire, that seed of your destiny that’s already inside of you. That’s what we say.

Asking the questions is the bridge to your destiny. The dreams are already in your heart. You are an evolved being. We all came here from different places of evolution. We are all going somewhere. When we get too taken up by what’s going on outside of us, we start to believe that more than we believe the dream inside, the dream that comes from the light of our creator. That’s what people who continue to be successful do. They keep going back to that inner self or that inner life and asking questions.

Crystal, you’re so intensely pure, holy, and majestic with beauty, wisdom, freedom, and passion. You are that, which is the higher self, to show up as you are like this. We don’t know each other. It must be something else than this thing that guides us through and to the self to be able to respond in that kind of way. You’re not responding with your head. I know you’re not. Most people are so stuck in suffering. They cannot respond other than their headspace, let alone their heart or their soul. You hear in the representation of that self, which is the union with God’s consciousness. It is sublime for me. It is extraordinary. I am so grateful. I am so thankful. I am so beyond and beyond. Thank you, both of you.

Here’s the thing. We wrote the book Ask! because we realized that only humans were made with the ability to ask. No other animal can ask a question.

Mystical Mavericks | Mark Victor Hansen | Crystal Hansen | Ask
Ask!: The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny

It’s the highest.

It’s said in scripture we are created in the Creator’s image. We are created with this ability in our mind to ask a question. When we ask a question, we open a door or a gate to all possibilities. Everything we see around us can change instantly when we start asking a question. We say there are three channels through which we all need to ask. That is ask yourself, ask others, and ask God.

Asking yourself is that reflective journey. If we don’t ask, it’s easy to get stuck in this lane or this realm. It’s what you were describing as people are stuck in their heads and they can’t get out of it. When they start asking the question, “Am I doing the right thing? Am I seeing this the right way? What am I missing? What is my ultimate destiny? If I could have it any way I wanted, what would that be?” we start opening up those gates and we start to open ourselves to unlimited possibilities. Asking ourselves is the reflective journey of ourselves.

Asking others is a bonding journey because we’re all beings of light. We can’t really do this without each other, can we? We can’t. We need to be able to ask of each other, ask questions, ask for feedback, ask for help, and ask for whatever. This is a journey together. Asking God puts it in the universal perspective of all creation. We’re like, “You, Creator of the universe, created me. What is my greatest expression?”

It’s so much greater than I could ever imagine. Sometimes, our vision of ourselves is so limited because it’s coming from the feedback. As Mark said, in our brains, we have experiences in life. Things shut us down. Suddenly, we’re feeding back to ourselves the wrong information instead of suspending that and going to the highest source who created us where we are like, “What do You have for me? I am here. Flood Your life to me. Let me rid myself of everything that is holding me back.” That’s why in the Ask! book, we wrote the seven roadblocks to asking. We all carry them.

That was also a question for Mark. If you write something that much truth to the truth, it must be along the way. I’m speaking to Mark for a second. It’s not from what you learn from preachers, pastors, mothers, fathers, doctors, teachers, or books even. It’s not from what you might read in the past. What I’m getting is the information that you transmit to millions, isn’t it coming from direct experience rather than learned experience?

Therefore, in your book, number one, it says, “You were born with a destiny.” I don’t believe you wrote this from another book prior to you that you learned from preachers or a butcher. I believe that it is from your direct experience, which is the truth. Number 1 in the 7 roadblocks, and I’ll come back to you, Crystal, is unworthiness. That touched so deep for me. I left my country for that number one thing, unworthiness, so I could cut off the curse. Tell me why it should be the number one. You said seven roadblocks. This is very important for entrepreneurs and new entrepreneurs on the new generation on their path to success. Number one is unworthiness. Why can’t it be the number eight? Why is it number one, insecurities and unworthiness? Go first, Mark.

We wrote it about my friend who I own two companies with, Bob Proctor. Bob Proctor came through the Depression. He was born in the ‘30s. He then went through World War II and then became a military guy in Canada. He felt like a nobody and nothing as a fireman making $4,000 a month and owed $6,000. Every night, the guys were drinking. He finally looked around the bar. All these guys are all good men but they were going to go nowhere.

He goes to the richest man he knows who I get goosebumps telling you about, Ray Stanford, who became my good friend, too, in Canada. He said, “You’re rich, healthy, happy, and enlightened. You are on a journey. Tell me what to do.” He said, “You read this one book.” He said, “I can’t read.” He said, “You learn how to read and then you read Think and Grow Rich.” Bob read it every day for his whole life until he died at 87. He called us the night before he died because we were that close and said, “I’m taking a concord to heaven.” Isn’t that a nice way to shuffle off the mortal coil if you have to shuffle it off?

Bob went from unworthiness, to answer your question, to total worthiness to helping two million people a day every day. He built a million-dollar studio in the backyard of his house. He built the whole street called Proctor Lane. He had really made it. He came from nowhere like all of us are supposed to. We’re all born naked, helpless, and ignorant. All of us come in the same, but we are here on the journey.

To answer your question, we were coded, I believe, a DNA and RNA to go do something. You’ve got to read the book to go through all the questions. Get two books. Don’t get one Ask!. Get two and go over it with your mastermind partner, spouse, business partner, church, temple, ashram, or mosque. I don’t care who you do it with. Get somebody that cares enough about themselves.

We all blast through the unworthiness because it’s a one-off. Everyone’s born without a sense of worthiness and validation. You have to self-validate. You have to have self-control. You have to have self-discipline. You have to take self-initiative action because that’s the only way to build self-esteem, how you esteem yourself. Bob did all that. He talked to two million people every day on his podcast in his beautiful studio. He came from nowhere and then served greatly, which is what all of us are doing. All of us have intrinsic greatness if we awaken the sleeping wonder within us.

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Repeat that last thing again because you’re transmitting at a vibration level that is one of the highest.

That’s why we pray and meditate together every day because we have the power of eleven. 2 can move 10,000. We believe there are seeds of greatness in each and every one of us. The only way they get from here to there is if you watch shows like yours, read books like ours, or watch our YouTube. The guy that got me out of bankruptcy is this book we released, Reverend Ike: The Extraordinary Life of Influence. I could add one other word, affluence.

I went when I was ready to kill myself. I heard him talk to 5,000 predominantly people of color. He wound my spiritual spark plug because he was enlightened. We’re the same age as Bob. We were born in 1935. He ended up with 16 Rolls Royces and 8 mansions. He is the richest minister probably of all time and a close dear friend of mine. He broke me out of the paradigm of lack, limitation, shortage, suffering, and pain. Those are all a choice. You can make a new choice like what this show’s about to break the shackles of ignorance. Ignorance causes fear, doubt, indecision, pain, anger, and frustration whereas faith breaks you through to higher dimensions.

The first thing you said was, “Can we use our enlightenment?” You’ve got to ask the spirit in you, God in you, infinite intelligence, or infinite love in you to break through to wisdom. That is an ascent of evolution whereas most people watch the news every night and descend because the news is nothing but shock value. It’s clickbait to get you to go to negativity.

To put it into context, all of it is vibrations. There are no forms or bodies there. The self is God and the guru itself. A lot of people are trying to fight through this mind. The only thing to liberate is the mind. There’s nothing else to liberate. Once you free the mind, you are free and enlightened because you are already deeply enlightened. There’s nothing to seek and/or realize. You’ve already realized.

Mystical Mavericks | Mark Victor Hansen | Crystal Hansen | Ask
Ask: The only thing to liberate is the mind. There’s nothing else to liberate.

How to really embark on this journey through self is to listen to people like you who’ve done it. It’s not the news at night where it suppresses your energy and then you become a zombie all over again. You have to wake up from the dream. You two woke up from the dream. This is so intense for me. I know I’m a little intense, but you have to wake up from this dream reality and know what is and what is not.

It comes down to remembering why you are here. The reason we feel unworthy, doubtful, fearful, and all of those roadblocks come from our life experiences. We all came into this life incarnation as perfect uncorrupted little children. We were not afraid to ask. We were wildly curious. We want to know everything because that’s who we are in our natural state. We asked who, what, when, where, why, and all the questions we could think of.

We are also not afraid to ask for anything. We felt very entitled because we knew we were worthy. We were like, “Can I have more? I want more.” Depending on how we were parented or what happened in our school years, it is like, “Stop asking so many questions. I don’t want to hear from you. Do not ask a question unless you raise your hand. Enough questions for today.” You go to a job and your opinion’s not valued. No one wants to hear it. Little by little, this beautiful light is being crushed out of you, which is the ability to ask or the ability to seek and find this wild curiosity.

We end up thinking we’re something else than we started out. We came in knowing who we are, knowing what we deserve, and knowing that we received all the answers and suddenly forgot. Our memory is taken away. If you look at all of those experiences in your life that led you to unworthiness, doubt, and fear, these are all to make you stronger. This is a journey.

I like to tell people, “Imagine that you accepted a journey to climb Mount Everest. You know it is freezing cold. It’s going to be hard. You might slip and fall, but when you do, you’ll be so exalted. When you get to the top, you will be so happy you did it. You will feel stronger and better than you ever have. You will be a more evolved person and a stronger being.”

That is what this life is. We all said, “Send me in. I’m ready. My spirit is ready.” We then get here and it is hard. We get beat up. There are other people in our journey that hurt us and shut us down, and then we start to lose more of who we are. If we can hold onto that light and remember who we are, every experience makes us stronger. All of these fears and doubts are here to help us grow.

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I learned from one of my teachers, Deepak Chopra. He always used to say, “Everyone is doing the best they can from their own state of consciousness.” You think, “What about a rapist? What about this attacker?” They’re in a terrible state of consciousness and it’s so sad for them. If you can shift your perspective to say, “How sad for them.” I have had so many clients in my transformational coaching practice who said, “My mother hated me. She abused me.” All of that’s true, but when we can shift it through deep guided visualization and meditation, how sad for her that she couldn’t feel love because she didn’t have love. You can only give what you have.

It gives you such a level of compassion that there’s no reason to resent anyone, whether they stole $1 million from you because that $1 million isn’t theirs or yours anyway. It’s blowing from the universe. No one can really steal your fortune because when you are in that situation where you are a counterpart where someone messes up, that is part of their test and your test to forgive them and move on. If you can, it will all flow back to you. If you hold onto it, don’t forgive, or don’t let go of the resentment, it will keep poisoning you. You won’t learn and grow. You can’t while you’re holding onto that toxicity. It is so important to remember everyone’s doing the best they can from their own state of consciousness. Let it go. That was part of your journey. Keep moving. Keep seeking the light and imploding the light.

It is seeking the light and seeking the truth within you. Mark, you said that a lot. You said that in a different way. You talk about feeling a lot, both of you. It’s interesting because we begin together in the secret sauce to success. Would you say success is then a vibration or a feeling?

Absolutely. We learned from a guy named Neville who wrote a great book called Resurrection, which we’d recommend to everybody. Neville said, “You got to live in the assumption of the wish fulfilled.” When I’m bankrupt and upside down, I hear Reverend say that. I thought, “I’ll buy the book on the way out at the bookstore and read it.”

It convinced me that I could live with the assumption that I would be one of the best speakers in the world. A great and inspiring speaker, teacher, motivator, and leader is what I wanted. I did that mantra to find out what my destiny code is 101 times before I went to sleep. I don’t think I finished it. I was like, “God, what’s my destiny?” if you want to do God. It could be, “Infinite intelligence, what’s my destiny?” You could also probably get away with, “What’s my destiny?”

When you wake up, make sure you’ve got a pen and paper next to you or a dictating machine so you can record whatever comes through. You got to tell your sweetiekins next to you that you’re going to wake up in the middle of the night. It’s interesting. The subconscious intelligence never sleeps. In business, we say money never sleeps. Your subconscious doesn’t. Otherwise, you’d fall out of bed. Your subconscious remembers, “Don’t let your butt fall out of bed like you did when you were 3, 2, or 1.” It’s also true. You don’t fall out of bed anymore, do you, at night when you’re sleeping?

I’m a little weird, so I can fall anytime. I don’t live in the world. I live in a different world so I fall all the time. I don’t even remember that I fell. I’m always happy like, “I fell. What’s new?”

The point is you’ll find out what you are. Once you find out what you’re supposed to do, then you live in that assumption until it galvanizes into the truth of who you are. It has two parts. It’s the thinking, but what’s got to do with it is the feeling of nature. You have to own the feeling that you’re the person that you want to be. The way you do that is simple. Figure out what you want. 1) Ask. 2) You have to put whatever you ask in writing. Three, you got to visualize it. You got to see it before it happens.

Mystical Mavericks | Mark Victor Hansen | Crystal Hansen | Ask
Ask: Once you find out what you’re supposed to do, live in that assumption until the galvanizes into the truth of who you are.

The old scriptures say, “Before you ask, I will answer.” Meaning spirit only can say yes. Spirit can’t say no. People go, “I’m going to go bankrupt. What if I go bankrupt?” That’s a wrong question. You’re being a dumb-ass squared. I did that question and did it. I checked the book in the library about how to go bankrupt by yourself, which I did. This is not recommended behavior. I can laugh about it now, but I was upside down and inside out for a long time. Also, you’re fun to talk to. Once you got your goals, you put them in the mirror. Before my book became a best-seller, we put on the mirror a picture of it. We said, “You got to be grateful in advance before something happens.” We’re thankful and grateful that this book will become a mega best-seller and a continuous best-seller.

Here’s our belief and philosophy. You can tell us if you agree or not. Nobody in life teaches you how to ask effectively. No Military. No business. It hasn’t been taught. We said, “If this is the most important thing in the world, then 8 billion people ought to have this book.” We’re pushing towards that. Even our publisher probably privately goes, “Even though you sold half a billion books, this is ridiculous.” We are fed, but we want everybody to be fed. You only do that if you ask yourself, ask others, and ask God. If you don’t know the three channels, you can’t work on them. If I give you a car, it’s useless to you until you take driver’s ed. This is driver’s ed for life.

You touched something. I’m a little bit passionate. You can tell I’m a little crazy, too, which is a good recipe, I believe, for success, or at least for my success. It’s interesting what you said about asking. Nobody ever teaches you how to ask. Why is it nobody ever teaches you how to ask when you grow up or when you go to university?

You can’t teach what you don’t know.

Underneath it all.

What’s underneath it all?

Underneath it all, you cannot be hooked by anything or any concept. Once you ask, you come out of this duality. You have to. You have no choice. You really got me going.

I thought we had you going from the beginning.

I love it. You’re onto something. It’s true.

We’ve been imposed before even we got here in the body. In the womb, we’ve been imposed. This is how it’s going to be. We’re not going to find out, teach you how to ask anything, to have control over your destiny, or to have control over creating your own reality, or making your dream happen here. We’re going to make sure that this circuit of divinity in yourself is blocked before even you get here.

That’s why I love Reverend Ike because this is a book about your soul’s journey, and everyone’s got one. He manifests his soul journey. When you read his, you wake up to yours. Crystal’s got something to say.

I thought you had something else.

Let’s talk about this.

What you’re saying is that they shut you down because all of those want power over your life instead of your sovereignty. We’re here for our own sovereignty to create our own sovereign journey with the creator of the universe. We are very special because. Asking is probing.

Asking is praying.

It is praying. It is probing the universe for every answer. You are probing. The master Jesus said, “Ask and it will be given. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be open.” That is beautiful, brilliant. Ask, Seek, and Knock. What does Ask, Seek, and Knock stand for? It is ASK, right?


It’s crazy. That’s biblical code. He tried to tell us the power. The kingdom of Heaven is in you. In you. What happens when we get here is so many people out of their own insecurity and their need to control and dominate will shut down. They’re like, “Don’t ask. Do what I say. You need to do this. You have to be this. When you grow up, you need to do it this way.” We shut down.

They’re like, “This is your name. This is your religion. This is your belief. This is how it’s going to be. This is who you’re going to marry.” This is why I was so excited for both of you to be here. I’m beyond excited. I think I have an orgasm.

A spiritual one.

How important this message is? You wrote this book, Ask!. You’re going to teach it. You’re going to speak about it. You’re going to really pursue this message, which is about your own freedom.

What you’re saying is starting with the first question. When you are in alignment with full spirit, you have to do that every day. It’s not like, “I’m going to go to church on Sunday.” That isn’t it. It’s daily, hourly, minutely, and secondly. When you are in tune with the infinite, which is what we are, the stuff unfolds. At some levels, it’s ridiculous to think that we could get a book to a billion people. “Hansen is cuckoo and nuts,” is what they say in Germany. The point is, all of a sudden, we’ve been doing it and it’s a great best-seller.

The fact of the matter is we have everything coming to us for the first time. We have a company, and I don’t mind mentioning it, Napoleon Hill Institute. Napoleon Hill sold hundreds of millions of books as well as Think and Grow Rich. He was enlightened and he enlightened a lot of people to business. The lady that runs that is our close friend, Cliona O’Hara. She says, “I got to do a whole course in this.” She’s in 180 countries. She’s like, “I want everybody to teach this. I want to get there.”

Another guy is trying to figure out how to get it into every language with AI. We have four AI products that want to use it. All of that stuff was impossible until you heard what Crystal said. Once you ask, you pop the illusion bubble. You pop a disillusion bubble. You pop the matrix. It’s a super language, which I wrote those. Goosebumps, God bumps, and chilling bumps are God’s answers. There may be people who don’t get goosebumps, God bumps, or chilling bumps.

I get it. We’re everywhere.

We can see you’re fully alive. The point of freedom is that you need four freedoms. You have to have money and freedom. You have to pay for that somehow. That’s work to get success in your right livelihood. Everyone, when they learn how to ask, it’s, “We’re in our right livelihood. We speak, communicate, advise, and own companies.” It’s not necessarily in that order.

Number one, you have money freedom. That buys your time freedom. In time freedom, you are supposed to be free to pursue what you want. Next is when you have a little bit of money, you get relationship freedom. I will talk for both of us and she can agree or disagree anything she wants because she’s brilliant on her own.

We have the best relationships in the world. With your husband, it was, “You got to get on my wife’s show.” We said, “We’d love to be on the show,” so here we are. What you go to is passionate and purposeful freedom. Those are the four basic freedoms. Passionate and purposeful is what you are doing. The reason you got 10,000-plus readers every download no matter who it is is because the world needs to hear this kind of message. Do you want to add?

I love it. Amen. I love this book so much because of what it does for people. I don’t know if you got a chance to read The Fable of Micaela in the beginning. Wait until you read it. I’ll give you a little hint. We said, “Let’s start with the fable,” because we love stories. Stories teach us so much. We learn through the metaphor of the story. We were going to write it about animals. I said, “Let me take the first stab at it.” We were writing the book together, and then I started writing the fable. It channeled through me. I ended up writing it about a girl named Micaela.

I’ve had the great fortune of having these prophetic dreams my whole life that have truly guided me. It is dreams where I go to other places on journeys and things are revealed to me. I thought, “What if I built those dreams into the world of Micaela?” Micaela starts out that she has lost everything. She lost her mother and father in a quick sequence, and then they took her house away. She is an indentured servant out of a stone quarry. This takes place in the time of kings and queens.

She falls asleep one night. In the middle of her sleep, a being comes to her and says, “Come with me in the dream.” The minute she says, “Okay,” in her mind, she lifts up out of her body and they go on this journey together. He shows her this beautiful sparkling bridge. He says, “The key is to ask and never stop asking.” She knows a miracle has happened. Something amazing has already transformed. She doesn’t know what it is yet. When she goes to the quarry that day, suddenly, she’s asking herself, “What about this person? What about that person?” She realizes she has never even thought about the people around her before. What are their stories?

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As the whole story unfolds, she keeps wondering and asking. It pulls out something so magnificent inside of her. By the end of the story, she has had a 180-degree turnaround. It’s so beautiful. We have had people tell us, podcasters that are full-grown men, “I read this and I cried. I’ve never cried during a book before, but I cried my eyes out because I saw myself in Micaela.” Many people see themselves in Micaela’s story. It’s so beautiful. We have been offered to do a movie on it.

As an intuitive myself, I was about to say there’s a movie coming. I didn’t want to interrupt you because I saw it.

That’s amazing.

We’ll invite you to the red carpet.

What else? Tell me.

I didn’t want to interrupt you because I enjoyed so much listening to you so I dared not interrupt you. I selfishly forgot about the show for a minute. I was like, “I’m in heaven.”

You are.

I always think about how we’re walking on the library of heaven once you pop up that bubble. It’s no longer about an experience. It’s about being in that eternal truth. There’s nobody there. Micaela’s story is really shifting to heaven. She was able to realize her true self and that eternal self or eternal reality, which is God’s consciousness.

That being said, there is a movie coming. I know. I saw it. Whatever I see, it is what it is. There’s also something movie-related to the book. I am getting that there is no separation exactly because there is an attachment to it, but there is a different intention to those two visual things that are going to happen. There is a visual experience with Ask!, and then there is a visual experience with that story. Also, a unique book only extracts that story from that story in the book itself. You’re going to find someone that you already know. I see her. She’s very similar to you. She’s the one who’s going to do the pictures or the drawing. She’s an artist.

That’s interesting. I love that.

She’s a lady who’s going to be doing the drawing of the book. It’s going to be a book for children. From their own perspective, they can see them in her and have that experience and inspiration. For you, this is a no-brainer to do. This is not something that would require so much.

It’s so amazing that you said that because what I did when the movie company looked at the first fable, they said, “We love it but can you expand it?” I took all the principles of Ask! and created these other characters. I wrote them and expanded the story. They’re like, “We love this. The characters are so rich and diverse. Everybody is coming to life through this.” Micaela becomes this catalyst. It’s so beautiful.

It’s incredible. You’re such an angel on earth. Mark Victor Hansen, to get ahold of this book is an easy one. Touch Amazon, I’m guessing.

You can get it anywhere. It’s on Amazon, Target, or anywhere you want. It’s where books are sold. It’s in Barnes & Noble and Books-A-million. Our publisher on this one is a great publisher. He got it out everywhere, like Simon & Schuster and all that.

We have some goodies along with this, like some study guides and the 21 most important questions to ask. If you go to, all you have to do is put in your receipt from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or wherever. Go to, put in your receipt number wherever you bought the book, and you get the free goodies. I hope everyone does that because they’re important.

What we want to do is have a seminar for everybody that’s free and facilitate people becoming master askers. I can’t make anyone do anything. We’ve done podcasts, maybe 300. Whatever the real number is, I don’t know, but a lot. You’re the only one who ever said, “Asking breaks the bubble. Asking breaks the matrix. Asking breaks you to freedom,” because you are a high-consciousness fully aware person. A lot of the interviews didn’t do a great job. They fell in love with the book and the understanding.

I’m sure you’ve seen the Ed Mylett show because he is 1 of the top 10 guys. He is our friend, but he has got muscles on his muscles and sits there with the bulging. He has got a bulging brain and makes $500 million a year from the company. God bless him. He said, “When you sent me the book, I asked around the family.” I said, “Mark sent me this book with Crystal. Did you see it?” His little daughter was thirteen years old. She said, “Yes, daddy. I read every word and wrote notes all the way through. Look at my notes. You can interview me.” He was like, “I can read it myself. You stole one of my client’s books.” It’s such a cute idea.

It’s unbelievable. Breaking the bubble above the line. We said 30 minutes. We’re already there. I have something that I’ve been saying for a very long time. Technology is not wired to know the truth. You are.

That’s a great line. I hope you’ve done that a lot.

I have done a lot for about 30 years of repeating that. I speak globally about that to help people break the bubble. You say yes. I’m not so out there that it is.

Technology doesn’t have any answers. It’s information that’s programmed by somebody. They say it is machine learning. It learns something, but it’s learning from other information that’s already available. It never will do original thinking. It’s gathering information faster than ever. There’s nothing like the soft technology of being a human being.

There was a guy, a molecular biologist, that went in the woods for six years in his RV. He said, “I’m going to crack the code. I’m going to figure this out.” He came and said, “The only way I can explain this is there is this loving intelligent force that is inside of each being holding us together, urging us onto life, and urging us every day to balance and live again.” Probably the most frustrating thing for me is that people don’t understand how truly beautiful and miraculous they are.


Mystical Mavericks | Mark Victor Hansen | Crystal Hansen | Ask
Ask: People don’t understand how truly beautiful and miraculous they are.

I’ve been more blessed than anybody. I studied in India. We’ve gone back and forth to China. I’ve been to 80 countries. I’ve been in every spiritual system although we’re Christian. What’s a mind-blower is all of them start the same. In the beginning was a light. Even the Egyptians said in the beginning was the sun because all they could see was the light. There was light in every energy.

Theology says God is. Physics and science says energy is. Therefore, God is energy, which is really cool. We were sent a video of when a sperm on a zygote get together. The first thing it has is light. An answer to what your statement is which is critical is that there will never be light in a computer. There will never be light in a robot. There will be never light in AI. It can’t. It doesn’t exist. It’s not godly. We were with one of the big banks. The guy invites us to a private party. They got a dog that was cloned. I could see by the dog that was cloned that he paid a hell of a lot of money, like hundreds of thousands or whatever it is.

It’s awful.

It was because he didn’t want to lose his dog. Here’s the real dog and here’s this dog. You can see that this dog, at some level, was lifeless because it’s soulless. Only God can make us old as far as I can tell.

It’s strange.

I’ve never said that before. You’re shocked by it even.

It’s happening. In the Military, there are all things that are happening with technology coming in. This is why your message is so important. I’m going to push your message out through the show and all the writing. I write in different magazines, so why not? We’re wrapping up. “Who am I?” is the question I ask. That’s what came through me first when I saw your book. This is what came through quickly. It says, “Who am I?” I have synesthesia. I can’t read. Everything I go through, He opens my door and I do everything through God. I can’t read or write, but I’m a best-selling author. God went through it. He takes my hands and writes for me.

Automatic writing.

That’s amazing.

I can only read like this. When I saw the cover of your book, Mark, it was on the computer. I went like this and knew already who wrote the book. It’s not you. It’s not anything else. It’s not a person. That’s a different time. I put my hand on and it comes through. Since the body never lies, the body will tell you the truth. I knew who wrote that book. It was almost like a veil that entered this consciousness of the book. It says, “Who am I?” That rubbed it all.

Thank you.

No, thank you. Only 1 out of 1 million. That’s it. It’s not 2 or 3. 1 out of a million come in this timeline and do the work that you both do. It’s 1, not 2. I love you both. To wrap it up, I have a question for both of you starting with Crystal. Crystal, if you were a feeling, what would that be and why? Since we remember the feeling of somebody, we don’t remember anything else. We don’t remember somebody’s name or anything, but we remember what they leave or the feeling they leave behind. Before you exit this timeline, you’re a feeling and you want to share that feeling. What would that be and why?

For me, it would be love because love makes everything okay. It’s okay. Everything you’re feeling, everything you’ve gone through, every worry you have, and every fear, love pours over that and washes it away. It makes everything okay. It makes everything sweet. Love is so sweet. It’s true love. It’s agape love. It’s the love of the creator. The love of God is sweetness. Recognizing the divine in me sees the divine and knows the divine in me. There’s oneness. The feeling of love, let it wash over you. It is the greatest feeling in the world. Keep paying it forward. Keep washing that love over everyone.

Let love wash over you. It is the greatest feeling in the world. Keep paying it forward. Keep washing that love over everyone. Click To Tweet

Thank you for that. That’s such beauty and truth. Mark, a little different angle. If you were a symphony or, let’s say, an orchestra, or an opera, which one would that be and why?

We’re friends with David Foster. He is the penultimate orchestrator for Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. It would be with the exuberant enthusiasm he has. We’ve been with him ten times probably. I’m underestimating. He exalts your spirit. As you’ve said all through the show, we are only vibrations. Our feeling is vibration. He does high vibrational music that escalates the soul. We all need to hear the rhythms of life, the music of life, and the soul of life.

I know all of his songs. We own his records with Hitman and all that. I don’t think he has a negative song from Whitney Houston or back in the old days when he did Barbra Streisand. He’s my age, contemporary. He’s amazing. He is the best orchestra as far. As I’m concerned, there are some really good ones. I’m not saying anything about the others, but he is the one that I resonate with.

He is not the one who’s writing. Thank you for that incredible answer. For the both of you, what’s next in both of your universes?

One of the things we’ve been so privileged and honored to have come to us is we’re writing some really special biographies. These are people who have done extraordinary things. They are ordinary people like all of us who come and start expressing these extraordinary lives. The stories are so rich. It’s going to be great, fun, and exciting to write them.

We’re in the middle of a couple and we’re taking on some more. That’s exciting. Some of those will probably be worthy of movies. There are some good lessons in there, too. That’s an exciting thing. Our whole life is so exciting. That’s something we’re working on that’s special. The movie thing is such a passion, especially for both of us. The world of Micaela is what I call the Kingdom of Heaven because it’s how we should be seeing each other. We can all thrive, express, be, and become what we want to become and what we are meant to become.

I’ll finish hitchhiking on what she said. Everybody can go to We called it a library because library 1.0 is Alexander the Great. He, at 28 years old, collected all the eclectic wisdom and enlightenment of the universe as far as he was concerned and what he knew, starting with Plato, Aristotle, and everybody. He took it to Alexandria, Egypt. The second guy is my hero, Andrew Carnegie. Everyone thinks he was a money guy but he created all the libraries in America in Carnegie Hall. He was exceedingly enlightened.

We’re Library 3.0. I’ll give one example. We call it the Mark Victor Hansen Library Biography Collection. It’s a great name. It’s like Rolls Royce. We charge $200,000 to write one of those. It’s expensive, but we’re doing John Paul DeJoria’s. He has been my friend for 40 years. He’s 82 and worth gazillions. He owns 40 companies.

Let’s go backward. He goes home. He’s got a two-year-old at home, John Anthony. As she’s coming down the stairs, he’s going up. She says, “Give me the keys to the car.” When he gets up there, he sees the baby lying there and a note that says, “I took all the money out of all the bank and all the accounts you have. You have nothing. You’re dead ass broke. I’m out of here. I’m taking the car and you’ll never see me again.” For two years, he is bankrupt, upside down, and has nothing. He is feeding himself up at Griffith Park where I’ve been a lot of times in LA and living off Hells Angels. They’re feeding him and the baby. Here’s a guy. You say, “You don’t know how bad I got it.” He had it bad. He feeds 40,000 people a night in Austin, Texas.

The book title we’ve got is called Success Without Sharing is Failure. It doesn’t come out until January 2025. We’re a year away because of a lot of reasons. The book is phenomenal. He goes to a little island that got ravaged by the hurricane called Barbuda next to Antigua down in the Caribbean. He spends all of his money and brings in a top theologist fish doctor. He makes it hurricane-proof. He brings that fish, turtles, and food. Everything goes from 0 employment to 100% employment. He goes to Africa in Mali. The people are starving so he pays personally for 44 water wells. They have great land like we do here in Arizona. They grow all the food. They’re feeding five countries around Mali. We met the President and all that. He wants to do a book.

The point is one of us makes an enormous difference when you ask questions, break through, break down, and shatter the matrix, which is here to cuff each of us. To answer your question, we’re doing impact books to bring your story to life. We believe everyone has a story. Not everybody can publish with us any more than any publisher, but we’re here to make a difference that makes a difference that leaves a lasting, permanent, and sustainable difference.

You both are a portable paradise. I don’t know words anymore. I borrow words because there are no words for you. What words can I find? The words are stupid. They don’t know anymore. Beyond words, portable paradise. There’s no dollar amount for that. Sharing this is heavenly. The world needs both of you very badly more not than ever.

Asking teaches that when you change yourself, you can change your world and make it infinitely better.

You’re creating this reality. You’re creating over there and it’s coming here. That is happening over there in a holographic way because that’s what it is. I love you both tremendously. I took so much of your time, presence, and holiness. I love you.

We love you.

Thank you.

Thank you for having us on. God bless everyone who is reading.

We’re going to keep on sharing. I’m going to be looking forward to the movie, the books, and the many things to come to light.

Thank you.

Many divine blessings. Love. How did you enjoy the show?

We love the show. Are you kidding me? This is one of the most fun shows we’ve ever done. I love your energy so much. You’re so cute.

There are three quick things. One, you’ll send us a link so we can share it correctly. Number two, would you like any of our fun friends to be on? I can think of 2 or 3 enlightened people.

Let me think about it.

Number three, we want to be on one other show like yours that you must know that is equal to yours or bigger. Recommend that favorably and we’ll go on it. How’s that for you?

A show that is a bridge between Heaven and Earth. This is where it’s at.

Podcasting is the new TV and radio. You and I know that.

It’s a powerful way.

Thank you for all you’re doing.


You’re an inspiration. Thank you.

This vibration of success that was shared and transmitted to us was beyond words, beyond imagination, and beyond the concept of mind and time. When you hear the truth, it’s like a bullet. It penetrates you. It kills ignorance right here and then. I’m so grateful for these two light beings who are so transparent in sharing their story and ability with us and let us, somehow with their own words and vibration, understand that there is something else that drives us or leads us.

If you heard the show, when I asked Crystal, “If you are a feeling, what would that be and why?” She said love, but she said agape love. She just didn’t say love. She said agape love. What is agape love? I speak it about all the time. It is divine love. When you find that, that is the key. It’s the key to your own self, your own freedom, success, love, passion, wisdom, eternity, eternal self, and supreme reality. This is the key. This is the feeling she says she would be.

They both answered so many questions, but they had transpired and removed doubts. They removed doubts on the show. It was turned down. I wrote it somewhere. It was turned down 144 times when he shared his book. The idea of Chicken Soup for the Soul was turned down, I believe, 144 times. You’re talking about perseverance and belief in himself. Chicken Soup for the Soul series was sold over 500 million copies all over the world and translated into pretty much all languages.

Don’t give up. Don’t give up on your dream. Don’t give up on yourself. Continue to believe in yourself. That is the key of keys. If you don’t have that ingredient, you can read all the books, do all the things, and go to all the conferences. We know core means heart, not the brain. The brain is instrumental. Who are you?

Mystical Mavericks | Mark Victor Hansen | Crystal Hansen | Ask
Ask: Don’t give up on your dream. Don’t give up on yourself.

For their new book, Ask!, I’m not asking you. It’s not an option. Go get the book. That’s all it is. You go get the book. There are a lot of goodies once you get the book and go to their website. You can get a lot of different goodies for free as they said in the show if you read the episode. You should read this episode over and over again.

They both believe that the universe conspires to help those who have the courage that gets the boldness to ask, says Mark. Not everybody may be so bold, but the Hansens want to teach you to get there. Meaning, it’s in you. It’s in all of us. There is a spark. There is a light. There is a source. There is this powerful cosmic intelligence. Call it the universe. Call it source. Call it Mother God. Call it God. Call it Father. Call it whatever it is that you want in your own language and your own belief. It is there, and it is up to all of us to transcend into it.

It’s really finally getting to a place where we see things for what they are, the world for what it is, and then also anchor in the self, which is the only reality. This is from that point that you create Heaven on Earth or that you create your reality. You don’t give up on your dreams because it is part of this divine blueprint. It is what you are. You are free to do it. You have to give yourself permission to get to that place with no doubts and fears. You need to persevere with grace and ease. There’s no force. It is grace, ease, love, and compassion.

Hold onto the feeling of already having no lack. You have no lack within you. The mind has a lack. You can tell yourself there is a lack, which is in the mind. Your own unique essence, your pure essence, or your holy within, that has no lack. This is where you need to perform and believe. This is a feeling of security that is within you.

No seeking the security outside of yourself, which is an illusion. Whatever’s outside of yourself, it will go. It will come and go, but what you are is forever here, eternal, and limited. The mind is limited but what you are is not limited. This is where we need to go to pierce the veil of ignorance. When you have light beings come through like this like Crystal and Mark, that should be a clue that we are onto something with peace.

Whatever is outside of yourself is an illusion. It will come and it will go. But what you are is forever here. Click To Tweet

Feel this feeling of freedom. Feel this feeling of eternal peace, grace, ease, God, love. wisdom, passion, freedom, and beauty. It is already there. It is what you are. It is your essence. Before even you get here, it’s here. I know I get too passionate. I love you. When you go to bed, tell yourself, “I am free.” When you get up in the morning, tell yourself, “I am free.” It’s that feeling. Until we see each other again, much love and hugs. Merci. Ciao. A biento. Kisses, love, and hugs. Be safe.

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