Bonjour Mystical Maverickss

Many of us are experts in our own unique ways- Rather you are a branding expert, a speaker, author, a book editor, a social media expert, an artist, a light worker, a musician, a business coach, a consultant, an event coordinator, a doctor, a business leader, mentor, an innovator, humanitarian, hippie at ❤ the list goes on...Have you ever questioned everything you've ever learned?

Here the thing... On my own journey to being the CEO of my company 'Biztuition', I felt lonely as an entrepreneur, despite the thousands of people that I know, the many networking groups that I join along the way- still haven't felt quite what I was looking for...I didn't feel home!

We have an edge...something slightly different than most...would you agree? Mystical! Than I thought? " If I felt this way, I wonder I many of us Mystical Maverickss out there feel the same?"

So instead of seeking what I was lacking I decided to create the TRIBE that I wanted to be part of- THE MYSTICAL MAVERICKS was born.


'Spiritual Guru' in the closet ready to come rout

Burst of creativity

Driven by your soul purpose

The urge to connect to nature

Questioning everything you've ever learned

Experiencing compassion for the world

Intuitive abilities

Physical pains/energetic upgrades

A burning desire to serve humanity

Feeling guided

Searching for your soul galactic origins

A strong connection to sound frequency

Time travel

Seeking liberation of the mind

The need to express your unique Self without feeling judged in business

If you’re looking for a tribe that will accept and embrace you, quirks and all, then this is definitely the place for you!